Hello world!

There’s many websites/blogs on what is happening in Iraq,  Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other countries that have American troops present.  My goal is to bring you the best of these blogs all at one site, and to point out facts that must be taken into consideration by the current administration and members of Congress when deciding on more funding for more destruction and lives lost on all sides.  Human life all have the same value.  Each life must be respected.  Your comments/solutions are very welcome.


One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. I'm a Linda too Says:

    Congratulations and THANK YOU.

    The idea that going to war with a country and her people, even from within that country, when the people have done nothing to us, bombing, missile strikes, killing and maiming innocent civilians to try to get a few bad guys hiding out in these people civilians, is insane. And our country keeps making these same mistakes over and over.

    So much for being smart and using intel to get those few bad guys. And so much to the end of promises of peace and trying to stop forcing our will on other countries.

    Military Industrial Complex, GE, NBC, et al, have their hooks in this guy. No longer one war, now 3. Whoooya!

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