Welcome to Get out of Central Asia now

Together, we will pressure the public in demanding the withdrawal of all of our troops and NATO troops from all of Central Asia. Enough killing and maiming has taken place. Many INNOCENTS have died. ENOUGH.


2 Responses to “Welcome to Get out of Central Asia now”

  1. I'm a Linda too Says:

    Indeed. Don’t we finally need to be SMARTER? You can’t drop bombs and missiles on innocent civilian’s village to hope and get a few questionable bad guys living among all those innocent people, women and CHILDREN.

    …we won’t even get in to the unbelievable cost of creating more enemies by this senseless cold blooded DUMB strategy.

  2. Shirley Says:

    I think all the people in Southeast Asia and the US and whoever else needs to get togeather and realize this is all about getting oil and thats it. It has nothing to do with Terrorist. It has to do with the Oil powers telling us it is about that but it is really about getting oild and power. the next Target is Iran thats why they are where they are. And our children and the children in Afghanistan and the people are nothing to them. We are nothing to them the The President is a puppet. He has no power. We have the power. they don’t want us to getogeather because the they know we really have the power too stop this if we just name it for what it is. Stop believeing it is terrorist. I believe they have created all of this mayhem and we get no truth in our media. thank god for the net. It is Oil wars and thats all it is for the rich.!!!!!

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