Unfit Interpreters

From Joshua Faust at Registan.com  Go Read the full article here: http://www.registan.net/

You must view the Video by John McHugh.  It shows an IMPOSSIBLE situation, with absolutely no hope of “Victory”, however you could define that.

Last year, John McHugh, one of the absolute best reporters in Afghanistan, produced this video about the issues stemming from improperly-screened interpreters. I lucked out by working with “terps,” as they’re somewhat derisively called, who were honest about their language limitations. If one could only speak Pashto, or only knew Persian, he or she was honest. Some, unfortunately, are not, and that dishonesty—but just as importantly, Mission Essential Personnel, the company with a monopoly on interpreters in Afghanistan, was unable to screen them properly—can be dangerous. (As a side note, I met some guys who had found a Pashai-fluent interpreter, but he was assigned hundreds of miles away from any Pashai area because MEP didn’t screen for it.) VIEWVIDEO HERE: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/video/2008/jun/11/afghanistan.johndmchugh


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