Our Government can’t be believed- 220,000 Gulf War casualties

Stanley Heller wrote a piece before we went into Afghanistan reporting on two stories in the Washington Post by David Brown.  Heller went deeper.  He reports:

We�re led to believe that Gulf War casualties were minimal. At the close of the fighting in 1991 less than 800 were killed and wounded. But first a trickle and then a river of American soldiers have gotten sick. The enormous numbers of casualties is not confined to soldiers who fought in the Gulf War. The V.A. has awarded disability to another 60,000 soldiers who went into the Gulf countries after the war was over. These are considered “theater” veterans. 2,000 of Gulf War “theater” veterans have died. This is very alarming. It means that the Gulf area (Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia) is still highly contaminated. The chief suspect is DU, “depleted uranium”.

Rokke says the name is a mistake. “There�s nothing depleted about it”. He says the dangerous “alpha proportion” actually goes up in the processing. Over 900,000 DU projectiles were fired during the Gulf War. When the weapons hit, about half of the uranium was released as tiny particles. The radioactivity in them lasts practically forever.

Major Doug Rokke (Ret.) served as health physist for the U.S. Army Depleted Uranium Assessment team in the Gulf War.  He also has a 40% army disability because of his uranium in his urine is 5000 times the persmissable level, according to Heller.

Read the whole story under ABOUT on the right of this story.  The question is WHAT IS GOING ON NOW IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN?



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One Response to “Our Government can’t be believed- 220,000 Gulf War casualties”

  1. cityzenblogger Says:

    Devastating in two ways: The fact of what these troops are suffering (and you’ve got to consider the to-what-end question) and the reality of how little we actually know about the extent of the suffering. I have someone very close to me who served in the first Gulf War, came back ill and just couldn’t get the care he needed because the powers that be were too busy denying there was anything wrong at all. Just outrageous.
    Without the media and the public really knowing what’s going on, how can the system, the one that has to be kept in check in order to be held accountable, be pressured to care for these men and women? Hello, Walter Reed….

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