Drones from Other Countries: We are not Alone

The United States is not the only country with Drones.  The above video shows some experimental Drones, and some in use.  Is this what we have become?  The cat is out of the bag now.  Drones will be more dangerous than Nuclear Missiles because their use is not questioned.
UPDATE: Gallup Pakistani Poll:A massive 67 per cent say they oppose US military operations on Pakistani soil.

Below is an Iranian Drone flying over a U.S. Aircraft Carrier in the Persian Gulf.  If it were armed with missiles, the Aircraft Carrier would be in extreme jeopardy.

And a final one for today, the most disturbing one.  A family is wiped out by a Drone attack, documented here.  It is not easy to watch.  Many people were Terrrorized on both sides, and many civilians died needlessly.


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4 Responses to “Drones from Other Countries: We are not Alone”

  1. I'm a Linda too Says:

    Omg, this is just too much. The march of the machines, Terminator, here we are.

    If indeed IDF wants to claim precision and they hit the targets precisely, why in the %ell are they killing and torturing all these innocent civilians.

    And just knowing, that when the US is killing all these innocent cvilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan using the same weapons, what does THAT say?

  2. Patty Mooney Says:

    I saw George Galloway speak about this a few months ago, here in San Diego. What the Israelis are doing on the Gaza Strip is unconscionable. Targeting orphanages and mosques. The Israelis are preventing trucks with provisions, and therefore starving the Gaza citizens. I find it the most incredible irony ever that the Israelis were persecuted by the Nazis in WW2, and now THEY are the ones committing atrocities.

  3. DJ Rienhart Says:

    Actually, both previous responses on this forum reflect ignorance on the issue.

    If you compare indiscriminate violence:
    1. The Palestinians bomb buses and marketplaces intentionally, killing innocent women and children, even Israeli Arabs who live very happily in Israel
    2. The Palestinians put their militants in civilian areas such as refugee camps and use those as rocket-making facilities, they fire rockets out of those civilian areas.
    This is done intentionally so that when Israel does respond, however accurately and humanely it can, there will still be some collateral damage, and the very Palestinians who place their civilians in danger, can then parade a child in front of news cameras and build sympathy among fools, for their immoral and unethical cause.

    What is unconscionable is that in America, a country of educated people, we look no further than a short news story to judge Israel, a country that has been under attack every day since it was formed. We are largely unaware that the territories populated by Palestinians were captured by Israel only after it was attacked on all sides in the six-day war, and those territories will be used as a staging ground by these militants to further attack Israel no matter how much territory or concessions they are given. Palestinians have a stated objective of removing Israel from the map. How can we allow Israel to be continually attacked after thousands of years of Jewish persecution, and then take the side of the attackers, fundamentalist Islamists who also call for death to the US and Europe, or our submission to Islam and Sharia law. These folks will not reciprocate our American values or way of life, they will trample all over any freedoms or benefits given to them, and betray us. Pick the right side!

    • 25outof25centralasia Says:

      Dave: The story was about DRONES. Yes, one of the stories was about DRONES used by Israel. It is not a condemnation of nor a pick of a side. It is about the use of DRONES and its indescriminate killings, whereever they are used. I don’t have to tell you what side I’m on, you all ready know that. DRONES have no place in anyone’s arsenal. That was the story. Thanks for your comment.

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