Taliban Support Areas, Drone Attack it all?













 Taliban presence, by district and tribal agency, in the Northwest Frontier Province, Punjab, and the Federally Administered Tribal Agencies. Information on Taliban presence obtained from open source and derived by The Long War Journal based on the presence of Taliban shadow governments, levels of fighting, and reports from the region. Map created by Bill Raymond for The Long War Journal. Last updated: April 24, 2009. (Please visit their site: www.longwarjournal.org)

It will take 600,000 Troops to put a counterinsurgency to work and make it work and will take years to accomplish.  The U.S. is not going to do that, so let’s get out now.  Please go and re-read the story “Col. Timothy R. Reese, Chief, Baghdad Operations Command Advisory Team “OUT OF IRAQ NOW”.  Please pass this around.

DRONES:  This is a Terror Weapon.  Once an area is hit with missiles fired from the Drones, the total population lives in fear of it happening at any time, any place.  Just think if you are sitting in your home in America or any country, and Drones are flying above, silently, so high you can not see them with the naked eye, 24 hours a day, and missiles have killed people in their homes in your town.  You can’t go outside, or stay inside, no place is safe.  Drones kill one “Enemy”  and 20 civilians, that is the average per firing of a missile from a Drone.  STOP THE KILLINGS.


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