“New Great Game”: Eurasia and Pipelineistan

Question:  Why are we in Iraq, Afghanistan, and supporting Pakistan Military’s war?


Many stories have been written about the Oil War, and I have been reading Pablo Escobar’s stories for some time.  In March 2009, he published Liquid War for Tom Dispatch, a must read .   A few paragraphs to wet your whistle:   

Forget the mainstream media’s obsession with al-Qaeda, Osama “dead or alive” bin Laden, the Taliban — neo, light or classic — or that “war on terror,” whatever name it goes by. These are diversions compared to the high-stakes, hardcore geopolitical game that follows what flows along the pipelines of the planet….Energy expert Michael Klare has been instrumental in identifying the key vectors in the wild, ongoing global scramble for power over Pipelineistan. These range from the increasing scarcity (and difficulty of reaching) primary energy supplies to “the painfully slow development of energy alternatives.” Though you may not have noticed, the first skirmishes in Pipelineistan’s Liquid War are already on, and even in the worst of economic times, the risk mounts constantly, given the relentless competition between the West and Asia, be it in the Middle East, in the Caspian theater, or in African oil-rich states like Angola, Nigeria and Sudan.

Map Created by Bremmer at www.viewzone.com/pipeline

Afghanistan Pipeline goes through Balochistan and No. or South Waziristan

Afghanistan Pipeline goes through Balochistan and No. or South Waziristan


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2 Responses to ““New Great Game”: Eurasia and Pipelineistan”

  1. Tulp Says:

    The pipeline story over simplefies the issue. Yes, energy and control of energy are major issues. And even so, energy supply is critical for our sociaty.
    And so is security. The ever growing influence of Islam (the intolerent section of it) should not be trivialized. Security is a real issue. Our soldiers are fighting a battle to secure our world.
    Misuse or even abuse of power by our political leaders doesn’t change the actual underlying threats, which are real.

  2. President Barack Obama becomes President George W. Bush: It’s Oil, my friend « Out of Central Asia Now Says:

    […] “New Great Game”: Eurasia and Pipelineistan. Question: Why are we in Iraq, Afghanistan, and supp… Pablo Escobar spells out great history in his post at Tom Dispatch, read it here. […]

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