Pakistan Lies, why we must LEAVE NOW

Dead or Alive? The “Hope” that things will be different is just that, Hope.

not dead as reportedThere is NO WINNING when our allies lie to the population.   Remember, we are in a very primitive society.  It is clan based, tribal based, area based, village based.   The Pakistan Government made the TALIBAN to protect their flanks in Kashmir with the U.S. help.

Hakimullah Mehsud calls media organisations, says he is alive

Hakimulla Mehsud Internet Photo

Hakimulla Mehsud Internet Photo
Hakimullah Mehsud had earlier denied that Baitullah Mehsud was killed by the U.S. drone strike in the first place. Baitullah’s deputy, Noor Said, told Reuters by telephone that a video would soon be released to prove that Baitullah was still alive.


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