Swat Valley Residents Return to Ruins

Leaving Malakland before Pakistan Military bombardment

Leaving Malakland before Pakistan Military bombardment

If you live in any city besides New York or Los Angeles (maybe Chicago) in the United States, the Pakistan Military action in Swat Valley has moved your whole town out of the area. At the U.S. instistance, the Pakistan Military “went after the Taliban” and all the population became “displaced”, meaning “they took off”. Some went to relatives in nearby areas, some went to the nearest “government camp”. Now, after over one month of shellings, bombings, and neighborhood sweeps, the Pakistan government says it is safe to return, the Taliban are gone. Well, everything else is gone too. No livestock, no crops, major buildings and roads destroyed. Come back to what?

DAWN.COM | Pakistan | Return to ruins

Imagine Houston,,Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Dallas, San Diego, San Jose, Detroit, San Francisco, Jacksonville (populations from 2.2 Million down to Jacksonville’s 800,000) all being put in this same state of destruction. People are returning to the neighborhoods only to find broken streets and bombed buildings. No water, no electricity. Almost 1/2 of the people forced to leave will have to spend the winter in tents OVER ONE MILLION PEOPLE will not return before the end of winter. SNOW. WHY?

“We had to destroy the village to save it”, remember that quote from the Viet Nam war? OUT NOW.


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One Response to “Swat Valley Residents Return to Ruins”

  1. Linda Says:

    horrible and heartbreaking.

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