Pakistan Taliban Issue Assassinaton Orders

The Pakistan Military have conducted military actions in areas of Pakistan that have been left to local rule since the beginning of “Pakistan”.  These tribal leaders and “Taliban” (resisters, terrorists, patriots, you pick one) have been the target for elimination, to be killed.  During the Pakistan military actions, large parts of these areas have been destroyed by cannon fire, airplane bombs, and helicopter attacks, and a few DRONES thrown in.

Now the Leaders of Pakistan have become the targets.  The change of power has been at the barrel of a gun for a long time.  Over the next months, expect to see Chief Ministers, Provincial Assembly members, other government leaders assassinated.

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Go to Times of India for Full Story


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2 Responses to “Pakistan Taliban Issue Assassinaton Orders”

  1. Sayed Abdulhayan Says:

    I am Sayed Abdulhayan from Bangalore India.I am working in IBM India as software engineer.

    I want to explore Afganistan and Pakistan and discover it Cultural ettiqueties.

    I am interested in Journalism and reporting.But am not a professional Journalist.

    Can you please help me to get Mobile numbers or Address details of Talibans from Afganistan or Pakistan.

    I want to interview Taliban about their view on India.

    I want to interview hakimuallah Mehsud.Can you please help me to provide his spokemen’s Mobile number so that I can meet him for interview.

    I want to become reporter and Journalist.Please help me in this regard

    Thanks & Regards
    Sayed Abdulhayan

    Application Developer
    IBM India Private Limited.
    Embassy Golf Links, Ground Floor
    Bangalore 560071.

    Work: +91-80-4192 Ext. 6645
    Mob: +91 9986610680

    • 25outof25centralasia Says:

      Thank you for your email Sayed:

      I do not have any contact numbers for any Taliban members. I’d suggest you contact, Bill Roggio does lots of reports with information from Taliban leaders.
      Good luck in your endeavors. Of course, you are putting yourself in a high risk position.
      No one can be trusted with your life. Thanks for reading my Blog, come back often and
      let me know what you are doing and I will post some of your work here.

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