Senator Russ Feingold: “Set Timetable for Afghanistan Troop Withdrawl Now”

Photo from Senator Feingold's Facebook Page

Photo from Senator Feingold's Facebook Page

A Hero is Born

Yesterday, Senator Russ Feingold made a policy statement to the editorial board of the Appleton Post-crescent. It is our duty to join his efforts in any way we can to not only set a TIMETABLE FOR WITHDRAWL, but to cut off the funding for the wars NOW.

“So something I have not said before which I want to say here in Appleton is that I think it is time we ought to start discussing a flexible timetable when people in America and Afghanistan and around the world can see where we intend and when we intend to bring our troops out. This isn’t something that can’t be adjusted. It isn’t something that can’t be thought out. But I think what you do is increase the view that we are occupying the country, we don’t have a strategy, if you don’t say look, this is basically what we think we’ll do.

I know the argument will be, well they’ll know when we’re leaving. Well you can say the same thing about Iraq right now. And those who claim we’re succeeding in Iraq aren’t saying that now. There’s a timetable out there and people claim it’s succeeding. I think showing the people there and here that we have a sense about when it’s time to leave is going to be one of the best things we can do to succeed in Afghanistan. Join Senator Feingold, Read his full press release here


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3 Responses to “Senator Russ Feingold: “Set Timetable for Afghanistan Troop Withdrawl Now””

  1. I'm a Linda too Says:

    My, much more timid and vague talk now that his president is the same party.

    But I guess I can’t fault his shyness, being he was one of the only few Senators actively calling to end the war in Iraq.

    Even Obambi who made the Iraq “dumb” war and the Patriot Act his campaign themes, spent his two years before running for president, in the Senate, voting to keep that “dumb” war going and voted to RE AUTHORIZE the Patriot Act. Knew then he was a lying oportunist, bought and paid. Obama could not even vote yes, let alone coSponsor the bill, that Senator Feingold wrote and got Kerry to coSponsor (when Kerry actually had delusions he was going to run for pres again).

    Come Senator Feingold, you had strong support in your state and the country for your convictions and independent streak. That means, doing right, even if your party leaders are not in favor.

    You made your first announcement. Testing the water. Now dive in full force. You know what’s going on there is just plane ridiculous.

    Done with rant.

  2. 25outof25centralasia Says:

    Thanks Linda, I think this is the TIP of the Iceberg. The polls now show the American people are against the Afghan war for the first time. We are having an impact, all of us who want this to end. Let’s help push Feingold as the lead speaker, keep him supported. Get others to join him.
    Thanks for your comments and support.

  3. Tricia Says:

    I have always liked Russ Feingold. He seems to have more courage than most other members of Congress. We don’t know what will happen to those countries and the people, and I worry about that, especially for any role we played in making things even worse thanthey are now. But maybe we can help our own people with the savings–almost all of whom had nothing to do with getting us into wars we can’t seem to get out of.

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