October to be END THE WAR(s) Month, Peace Groups Meet

Friends, coming to a town near you, the Peace Movement is awakening once again. We all have just HOPED for the war(s) to end in the Mid-East and Central Asia after the election of President Obama, but there is an escalation of the war(s) going on, even with a “stated” downsizing of the forces in Iraq. Today, the Generals will be presenting a “New Plan for Afghanistan” to the President. Word is that more troops will be asked for. So today’s New York Times has a good story by James Dao on the plans of the Anti-War groups.

Bitter anniversary … anti-war protesters march down 42nd Street in New York. Photo AFP

Bitter anniversary … anti-war protesters march down 42nd Street in New York.

Friends, the time is coming again. We must show our strength to members of Congress and to our Senators Contact and send them an EMAIL NOW from here.

Some bits of information from James Dao’s story:

…Tom Andrews, national director for an antiwar coalition, Win Without War, said most liberals “want this guy to succeed.” But he said the antiwar movement would try to convince liberals that a prolonged war would undermine Mr. Obama’s domestic agenda. Afghanistan, he said, “could be a devastating albatross around the president’s neck.”

…The October protest schedule is expected to include marches in Washington and elsewhere. But organizers acknowledge that it may be difficult to recruit large numbers of demonstrators. So groups like United for Peace and Justice are also planning smaller events in communities around the country, including teach-ins with veterans and families of deployed troops, lobbying sessions with members of Congress, film screenings and ad hoc memorials featuring the boots of deceased soldiers and Marines.

…And some groups, including Moveon.org, have yet to take a clear position on Afghanistan beyond warning that war drains resources from domestic programs.

“There is not the passion around Afghanistan that we saw around Iraq,” said Ilyse Hogue, Moveon.org’s spokeswoman. “But there are questions.”

…Code Pink is trying to build opposition to the war among women’s groups, some of which argue that women will suffer if the Taliban returns. In September, a group of Code Pink organizers will visit Kabul to encourage Afghan women to speak out against the American military presence there.

And Iraq Veterans Against the War is using the Web to circulate episodes of a documentary, “This Is Where We Take Our Stand,” filmed in 2008 at its Winter Soldier conference, at which veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan testified about civilian casualties, combat stress and other tolls of the wars.

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