U.S. owns Pakistan; New Pakistan/French Drone; India’s Nuclear Test?

Three Stories for today:

Story One: The U.S. now owns Pakistan (add Iraq and Afghanistan Governments, and we now have three new Muslim countries under our control). The truth can be told. A few days ago, A.G. Khan was released from house arrest and could go wherever he wanted to go. Remember, he’s the Pakistani that spread his knowledge of how to build an Atomic Bomb to other countries and was put on house arrest under Musharraf to satisfy the U.S. So the U.S. now says he’s a danger if released. The Pakistani’s file another brief with another court and they issue orders to keep him under house arrest. Does our $7.5 BILLION dollars over the next five years in aid to Pakistan come into play? The full story in today’s Times of India.

Story Two:

Please re-read: Drones from Other Countries: We are not Alone So India has bought DRONES from Israel, and now Pakistan has DRONES from France, this is a push towards another war.

Story Three: Will India move forward with a new neuclear bomb test? Today’ story in Dawn.com reveals that the 1998 Indian tests may not have been as successful as reported. The hair on your neck should stand up on this one as Pakistan and India again put the Nuclear Chips on the table.

The U.S. forced the Pakistan Military to go into the tribal areas (Swat, etc) and drive out the citizens (over 2.5 Million people left their homes and towns) and then the Pakistan Military destroyed most of the infrastructure of these rural areas witn cannon fire and bombs from their helicopters and planes. This was the beginning of the public in Pakistan realizing the U.S. is in charge of another Muslim country. The war has spread to Pakistan. Write to your Congress Member and Senators here and tell them NO MORE TROOPS, NO MORE MONEY, BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW.

Your efforts are working White House Fears Liberal War Pressure


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