President Obama now exceeding Congressional Authorization given to President Bush after 9/11

The U.S. and the World had 8 years of Bush-Cheney and Friends making up the law as they saw fit and implemented by Bush signing “Findings”. What a ray of light with President Obama as a candidate telling us that he did not support the War Powers Resolution (WPR) and would consult Congress in future war actions.

In an article written by Sherwood Ross, he says “As Francis Boyle, international law professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, puts it, “Now we have a situation where Obama is off on his own without authorization from the UN Security Council and also now illegally exceeding the authorization that had been given to Bush by Congress after 911…plus he has now escalated the conflict into Pakistan…(and) set off a humanitarian catastrophe for people of Pakistan akin to what Nixon set off in Cambodia.”

President Obama has no legal authority either from the United Nations or the U.S. Congress under the War Powers Resolution(WPR) to escalate the war in Afghanistan says Boyle. “President Obama’s surge of 21,000 troops now engaged in combat in Afghanistan comes on top of the 60,000 we already had there.” “The Obama Administration simply ignored Section 4(a)(3) of the WPR when it announced the escalation,” Boyle noted. “U.S. armed forces are in Afghanistan originally pursuant to WPR. Its requirement that the President get Congressional consent on substantial enlargement (of forces) was put there to deal with the kind of gradual escalation we saw in Viet Nam that eventually led to 550,000 troops being there,” Boyle said.

“Clearly,” Boyle added, “President (George W.) Bush neverhad authority from Security Council in the first place to invade Afghanistan, and the WPR requires that any enlargement of U.S. troops in a foreign nation be authorized by Congress.” Boyle made his comments in a telephone interview with columnist Sherwood Ross of Miami, Fla.

President Obama “has now escalated the conflict into Pakistan and has set off a humanitarian catastrophe for 2-million of its people similar to what President Nixon set off in Cambodia,” Boyle said. “What Obama is doing is destabilizing Pakistan and setting off a civil war there. It’s a very dangerous, illegal, unconstitutional policy,” Boyle said.

Pepe Escobar, "Liquid War Across Asia and the Asia-Pacific: Postcard from Pipelineistan," The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol 21-2-09, May 23, 2009.
[Map from Pepe Escobar, “Liquid War Across Asia and the Asia-Pacific: Postcard from Pipelineistan]
The U.S. invaded Afghanistan in the first place because the Taliban government refused to allow UNOCAL oil to build the TAPI pipeline across its territory, Boyle said. He noted the route U.S. troops are taking in Afghanistan is that of the proposed pipeline. “I think
this (escalation) is about getting the oil and gas out of Central Asia by avoiding Russia and without dealing with Iran,” Boyle added. (see our Pipelinestan Story published here)

The easiest way to do that, he said, is to construct pipelines south through Afghanistan, into Pakistan and then out to the Arabian Sea. The oil and natural gas resources of Central Asia, Boyle noted, are reported to be the second largest in the world after the Persian Gulf.

In his new book, “Tackling America’s Toughest Questions,” Boyle wrote, “What is going on now in Afghanistan is not self-defense. Let’s be honest. We all know it. At best this is reprisal, retaliation, vengeance, catharsis. Call it what you want, but it is not
self-defense. And retaliation is never self-defense.” (See Francis Boyle’s VITA here).

We at Out of Central Asia have signed the petition to End the Afghanistan War. Please do so here. Pass this on to your friends. It is a beginning. Join in. Sign now.

Write your Congress Member and your Senators right now at this link. It is easy to do. Please do it now. No more troops, no more money, End the War(s) Now.


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3 Responses to “President Obama now exceeding Congressional Authorization given to President Bush after 9/11”

  1. hawkins2k4 Says:

    mmhmm, well I’m going to guess you haven’t been to Afghanistan, seen how much the people there want our help? Its not like Iraq where they don’t want us, they want our help there, the problem is and always has been that there aren’t enough of us to be everywhere at once, so when we leave the opfor move in, and then the people don’t want our help anymore because anyone found with American goods is free game for the terrorists, up to and including skinning someone alive.

    Have you ever seen someone who has been skinned? No? Oh right, because you live here nice and safe in North America, grow up man, we are there now, the time for debate was before we got there, we will make more enemies by leaving now, lets get the job done and go home, but lets get the job done right.

    While you are comparing Nixon to Obama, while neither of them are friends of mine, I must remind you how well Vietnam has come out, I mean they aren’t completely isolated from the entire world or anything…

    Lets finish the war properly, especially now that so many have died there, when your best friend of 2 and a half years lays there dying in your arms from a bullet wound to the neck, then tell me we should just up and leave and pretend it never happened. If you won’t stay to fight terror or humanitarian indignities, then stay for the memory of our dead soldiers.

    • 25outof25centralasia Says:

      Hawkins: Thank you for your thoughts. Yes, the 174th poorest nation needs our help. Get the troops out,
      put in 500 Billion over the next five years (that is what keeping our soldiers there will cost), and get a humanitarian
      group from Muslim countries to help them on our behalf. I am deeply moved by all of the people dying there, our side,
      their side, and other sides, and the individual innocent civilians. This killing must end. Staying will only lead to more
      deaths on all sides. In the end, they will have to settle their differences without us. You think we can kill them all,
      even if they could be identified? Thank you for writing, and if you are there serving, I wish you well and a safe return.

  2. Tricia Says:

    I still cannot believe that we elected a president who had no experience to be in charge. He made lots of “happy promises” and has been breaking the most important ones right and left. Those of us who are “resume Democrats” (experience and competence count for something) remain appalled.

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