Four Afghanistan Stories: Drones, Afghan Election, Osama’s Tape, and Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “Afghan Warning”

Today, we’re going to look at some lead stories from some of my favorite news source sites.

Starting off, a DRONE STORY, from Bill Roggio at The Long War, he writes under the headline, Eight killed in North Waziristan airstrike, “Today’s strike near Mir Ali is the third this week and the third in North Waziristan in a row. Four of the last five US strikes have taken place in North Waziristan. From June 14 to Aug. 20, 11 of the 12 strikes took place in South Waziristan. One of the attacks there killed Baitullah Mehsud, the former leader of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan.” Bill Roggio is talking about DRONE attacks by the U.S. in Pakistan territory. This is a major contention with villagers as many innocent Afghani men, women and children are killed as “collateral damage” during these Predator Drone attacks.

Drone on ground for Maintenance, note relative size

Drone on ground for Maintenance, note relative size

Second, an Aftghan Election Story: From Joshua Foust at Registan Net

Pakistani Politicians

Pakistani Politicians

Foust quotes from a Times Online story entitled ” Afghan challenger warns of unrest over poll fraud and then Foust states, “Words fail. So Holbrooke decided to meddle in the election before all the facts were in, and now is ruling out a redo as if it’s his pet government to run. Then a U.S. official says we don’t care on jot about the Afghan government, only killing al Qaeda.

Meanwhile, U.S. officials are also saying al Qaeda is finished (Lawrence Wright, naturally, disagrees), President Obama is saying we need to “renew” our fight against al Qaeda (I thought they were almost finished?), and al Qaeda supposedly is building a huge new base in Pakistan”, Foust reports.

Third Story, Osama’s new Audio Tape, fromTimes of India, A New Osama address to Americans Audio Released. The Times does not have a copy of the Audio available. Should be out on the other news outlets later today. If not, come back and if it is available anywhere, we’ll post it here.
UPDATE: From Main Stream Media, msnbc Osama bin Laden is translated to be saying “We have demonstrated and stated many times, for more than two-and-a-half-decades, that the cause of our disagreement with you is your support to your Israeli allies who occupy our land of Palestine.” “The delay in your knowing those causes has cost you a lot without any result whatsoever,” he said in the tape released by al-Qaida’s media wing, as-Sahab.

Fourth Story, A Somber Warning on Afghanistan by Alison Smale, reporting what Zbigniew Brzezinski is saying about Afghanistan:
” Western powers now in Afghanistan run the risk of suffering the fate of the Soviet Union there if they cannot halt the growing insurgency and an Afghan perception that they are foreign invaders, according to Zbigniew Brzezinski, the former U.S. national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter.”
* * *
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