Book reveals some Soldier’s feelings; Mitchell trying for “Peace”; Commando attack in Somalia and Elsewhere

Rules of Disengagement” explains how the military’s own regulations can be used to protect dissent, achieve CO status or obtain other discharges, fight racism and stop sexual assault and sexual harassment in the military.

Kathleen Gilberd, Co-Chair National Lawyers Guild, photo curtesy of Gilberd

Kathleen Gilberd, Co-Chair National Lawyers Guild, photo curtesy of Gilberd

Marjorie Cohn, President, and Kathleen Gilberd, co-chair of the National Lawyers Guild wrote a book entitled “Rules of Disengagement: The Politics and Honor of Military Dissent.” Excerpt below, read the full story here at For 8 years, our soldiers have served two, three, four, and even five redeployments into Iraq or Afghanistan or sometimes to both places at different times. They and their families have suffered and sacrificed way beyond the call of duty. Now more troops for Afghanistan? Send an email to your Congress Member and U.S. Senator at the end of this post.

IPS: What are the main reasons for dissent?

MC & KG: “Rules of Disengagement” details many of these reasons. Growing numbers of service members see the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as illegal and immoral. They witness, and are sometimes forced to participate in, brutal actions not only against combatants, but also against civilians and prisoners.

Racism and objectification of the non-white enemy as “haji” or “raghead” are used by commands to motivate soldiers to fight. But despite desensitising military training, many find these impossible to bear.

At the same time, the military’s mistreatment of ill or injured soldiers, women, people of colour, and people perceived to be lesbian or gay is an outrage to many soldiers, who were promised that the military would take care of its own.

The failure of military medical care, in particular, is a national scandal. Post-traumatic stress disorder and suicides within the military have reached epidemic proportions. Ill and injured soldiers are denied access to medical care, or misdiagnosed and underdiagnosed in an overburdened system pressured to return troops to duty and to combat.
* * *
We, at Out of Central Asia are following the “Peace” talks in the Mid-East, as this is one of the major causes for “terrorist” activities elsewhere, the treatment of the Palestinians and the U.S. involvement and the support of Israel.

Al Jazeera today reports the following: The contiued construction of Jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian land, already home to half a million Israelis, is one of the major obstacles in reaching a peace deal with Palestinians. Read more here

U.S. Envoy, Senator Mitchell on the West Bank, AFT photo

U.S. Envoy, Senator Mitchell on the West Bank, AFT photo

More from Al Jazeera: George Mitchell, the US envoy for the Middle East, has urged Israelis and Palestinians to show “responsibility for peace” and reach an agreement on illegal Israeli settlement construction on occupied Palestinian land.

Mitchell called for “action in order to create an encouraging context for the prompt resumption and early conclusion of negotiations,” after talks with Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, in the West Bank city of Ramallah on Tuesday.

Following the talks, Saeb Erekat, the Palestinian chief negotiator, said that “we are doing everything we can to show our responsibilities, hoping Israel will show its responsibilities” and halt settlement activity.
* * *
Yesterday, the U.S. sent in a team to find and kill Shakyh Saleh Nabhan in Somalia.
They were successful. The Long War Reports:Commando raid in Somalia is latest in covert operations across the globe.
At NEFA Foundation read the story:
“Shebaab al-Mujahideen Media Wing: Video Statement from the
Commander Shakyh Saleh Nabhan (a.k.a. ‘Abu Yousef’).”
Released August 30, 2008. Watch the Video here.


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2 Responses to “Book reveals some Soldier’s feelings; Mitchell trying for “Peace”; Commando attack in Somalia and Elsewhere”

  1. hotaruSTAR16 Says:

    It’s no doubt that the Afghan war is a huge question mark right now, with people for and people against its continuation. Asia Chronicle News offers knowledgeable input and good analyses on the situation. Check out the site at

  2. 25outof25centralasia Says:

    Star16: Thanks for the recommendation. Today, Daniel Pye had a good story on the returning people of Swat. I commented on it. It is a disgrace to the people of Swat. No Respect. This is a severe blunder by Zadari (his popularity is 34%. Making more militants: That is the U.S. policy.

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