A Look from the Other Side; a Statement from Mullah Omar, Commander of the Faithful

Mullah Mohamed Omar

Mullah Mohammed Omar

Today, at The Long War, Bill Roggio reports from a statement from Mullah Mohammed Omar, the overall leader of the Taliban movement (the Amīr al-Mu’minīn or Commander of the Faithful), has released a rare statement, which has been published on the Internet. In the statement, titled “The Afghan Historical Background and the Impetuous Outburst of the British Ambassador,” Omar advises the British to study Afghan history and learn from the defeat of invading parties.

You can read the whole report “The Afghan Historical Background and the Impetuous Outburst of the British Ambassador” here This was posted on the website “The UnJust Media News and Perspectives” Viewing this site will give you “news” from the other sides perspective.

They report on what has happened through their eyes. Just like our Pentagon press releases, these stories are about events that happened, and are reported as someone sees fit to do so. The interesting thing is that there are lots of reporting on events that we that read Western Media/TV don’t get to read or watch.

Please re-read Peace Community Urges Obama to End the AF-Pak War More from the news later, check back in the afternoon.
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PLEASE PASS THIS ON and: Write your Congress Member and your Senators right now at this link. It is easy to do. Please do it now. No more troops, no more money, End the War(s) Now.


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