The Holocaust Denial and the “Can’t win the Afghan War” Denial; the McChrystal’s COMISAF Initial Assessment Report

Stop the War(s) - It's up to YOU

Stop the War(s) - It's up to YOU

Many stories today in all the papers and other media about “THE REPORT”, our new strategy for the war in Afghanistan. There will be some links and a brief intro to their stories below.

But first, we must talk about GENOCIDE. In the 1890’s and again in 1915 and beyond, the Turkish Government began murdering all Armenians. It is estimated that over 1.5 Million Armenians died during the Genocide. Still, to this date, the Turkish Government says that there were only killings because of war, not a Genocide. President Obama told the Armenian community that if he were elected President, he would tell the Turkish Government that they had committed Genocide against the Armenians. He had the opportunity in Turkey, but he backed down. The Turkish Government offers more to U.S. interests than that of Armenia.

Now Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial sparks outrage From the article: “The US, Britain, France and Germany have condemned Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s latest comments denying the Holocaust. Iran’s president earlier said the Nazi genocide of Jews was a “mythical claim” and a pretext to establish the State of Israel.” This can not be tolerated by any government, any country on Planet Earth. We must stand up to this rewriting of history by any leader of any country. The Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, and other ethnic tribes that were and are being eliminated because of their nationality or their religion must be recognized so the world will stand up to those who perpetrate the most dastardly crimes against humanity. No wonder Iranians are in the streets protesting the election. Many will suffer in Iran because of this leadership. Make your voice heard. Write a brief letter to your editor of your local newspaper today.

McChrystal’s Afghanistan Report released on the United Nations International Peace Day. How SAD.

Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal warned in a confidential assessment that he needed additional troops by next year or the conflict “will likely result in failure.” New York Times Here you can get the full 66 page report in PDF form.

The McChrystal Review: Yawn by Joshua Foust Joshua points out all the leaks over the past months, so there is nothing new in the report. We’ve heard it all before. Worth a read.

US commander warns of Afghan ‘failure’ REUTERS The top US commander in Afghanistan says in a confidential assessment of the war that without additional forces the mission “will likely result in failure,” the Washington Post reported on Monday. [From The Times of India]

US general warns of Afghan failure General Stanley McChrystal (R) said the overall effort in Afghanistan is ‘deteriorating’ [AFP] The most senior US and Nato commander in Afghanistan has said the war against the Taliban “will likely result in failure” if more troops are not sent and a new strategy developed. [From Al]

…By coincidence, McChrystal’s report was revealed on the UN’s International Peace Day, when Kabul’s defense ministry said foreign and Afghan troops will pause offensive operations. Qari Yusuf Ahmadi, purportedly a Taliban spokesman, was quoted on the ReliefWeb website as suggesting the insurgency may do the same, saying: ‘Our forces will remain in defensive position, as usual.’ Foreign forces in Afghanistan, experiencing their deadliest year since the war began eight years ago with more than 350 deaths so far in 2009, are skeptical the rebels will keep their word. –AFP [From, using Washington Post feed]
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Sign the CODEPINK END THE AFGHANISTAN WAR: Join the call and sign here–we will deliver your message to Obama, Pelosi & Reid next week!

PLEASE PASS THIS ON and: Write your Congress Member and your Senators right now at this link. It is easy to do. Please do it now. No more troops, no more money, End the War(s) Now.


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