More Drones, Fewer Troops? More United States Crimes against Humanity

Today, we read More Drones to be used in Pakistan. Indiscriminate killing of targets on the ground from Drones flying as high as 60,000 feet, while the U.S. command says “Taliban killed”, along with collateral damage (innocent civilians killed).

Drone Damage, who's the target? Mark Dowe photo source

Drone Damage, who's the target? Mark Dowe photo source

A good outline of the crimes committed by the United States by using Drones is stated here: The attacks violate the Geneva Conventions, the International Covenant on Political and Civil Rights, the United Nations Charter, UN General Assembly Resolution #3314 and the Nuremberg Charter. Even when the missiles hit their intended targets in Pakistan, the orders to fire are given from thousands of miles away by CIA officials watching on computer screens in North America. CIA teams sit, in effect, as collective judge, jury and executioner. Protocol II, Article 6(2) of the Geneva Conventions says: “No sentence shall be passed and no penalty shall be executed on a person found guilty of an offence except pursuant to a conviction pronounced by a court offering the essential guarantees of independence and impartiality.”

The Long War has the best information (as of Aug.5, 2009) “The lethality of Predator strikes inside the tribal agencies has also increased during 2009. Using low-end estimates of casualties (including Taliban, al Qaeda, and civilian) from US strikes inside Pakistan, we have determined that airstrikes resulted in 317 deaths during 2008. Already, the airstrikes in 2009 have surpassed that total, with 365 killed in 2009 as of July 18.Since the first recorded US Predator strike inside Pakistan in June 2004, the US has killed a total of 22 High Value Targets (HVTs), which include some of the high- and mid-level Taliban and al Qaeda leadership in the tribal agencies”.

Go to General Atomics, makers of the Predator for more information on its capabilities

[Ed. Note: The above proves that the U.S. is in violation of many Treaties that the U.S. is signator. A Treaty is the Rule of Law under our U.S. Consitution. President Obama, a Constitutional Law Professor, should know that his ordering a Drone attack is against our Consitution. He has now ordered more Drone attacks than President George W. Bush ordered.]

Stop the Killing: Demand no more troops, no more Drones, no more Killing.

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Sign the CODEPINK END THE AFGHANISTAN WAR: Join the call and sign here–we will deliver your message to Obama, Pelosi & Reid THIS week!

PLEASE PASS THIS ON and: Write your Congress Member and your Senators right now at this link. It is easy to do. Please do it now. No more troops, no more money, End the War(s) Now.


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2 Responses to “More Drones, Fewer Troops? More United States Crimes against Humanity”

  1. ImaLindatoo Says:

    Eye opening facts-I’d say.

    And, those facts also show that this method the US has taken under it’s wings, that – if memory serves me well, Obama campaigned that this blind bombing and missiles made matters worse, not better, has killed mostly innocent civilians. As we know, when weddings, villages, children all are killed or mamed.

    And now that Obama committed in fighting his “right war” with Af/Pak, but is afraid of alienating his base with sending more troops to fight his war, where he now has declared he wants to triple the size of Afghanistan’s Army, he leaves our troops as sitting ducks with hands tied.

    I guess that is Obama’s plan. Feed the Corporations with vested interest in this war, keep building the machines and weapons of mass destruction fire and drop them aimlessly hurting and killing innocent people and have our military there as window dressing providing training services.

    Wow, great leadership Obambi!

  2. U.S. to attack Quetta, Balochistan with Drones? Pakistan Government will Fail. « Out of Central Asia Now Says:

    Balochistan has never accepted the Durand Line. They have gas deposits and minerals that are being taken out by the Pakistan government, and the income derived from these resources are not getting spent in Balochistan. Some want to become an Independent State, others want a special Province standing, and they all want to share the wealth. The Balochistans are a proud people and will fight expansion into their areas by any foreign agents. Their land is needed for the Afghanistan Pakistan India Gas and Oil pipeline. Good luck in stabilizing the Balochi people or the Afghan people to allow this pipeline to be built and to remain in operation.
    A very long shot, that is for sure.

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