Question Asked “Will Obama be any different than Bush?”; Spend Millions to blow it up, then give $450 Million to repair it: Waziristan, Pakistan; 70,000 U.S. Troop Casualties, Enough is Enough !

May 2010 bring Peace on Earth, but it can only begin by Ending the War(s) in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other war zones. You are responsible and you can force an End to the War(s). Action items at the end of the Post. Peace be with you and your loved ones.

“Creating more terrorists”, that is the result of using U.S. Assassination Drones firing their Hellfire missiles. The U.S. forced the Pakistan Government and Military to attack their own people in South Waziristan and North Waziristan, “displacing” over 2.5 Million of their citizens. Can you imagine your whole city where you live right now having to get out of town and stay elsewhere for months? Then you return to what? Read on:

US to release $1.2 billion in January under CSF

* Washington announces $55 million grant for infrastructure rehabilitation, restoration of power supply to South Waziristan From Today’s

    By Ijaz Kakakhel

    ISLAMABAD: US Ambassador Anne W Patterson on Thursday announced that Washington would release $1.2 billion in January 2010 as part of the Coalition Support Fund (CSF).

    The release had been delayed due to non-availability of responsible personnel in the US embassy to process the case, she told reporters after signing an agreement for $55 million Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Construction Programme in South Waziristan. The US ambassador said Washington would provide $3.5 billion to Pakistan in one year, which would include $1.1 billion in military assistance and $1.5 billion for humanitarian and other assistance.

    Grant: The $55 million grant would be disbursed for infrastructure rehabilitation and the restoration of power supply affected by the military operations against the Taliban in South Waziristan. NWFP Additional Chief Secretary Habibullah Khan and Robert Wilson, director USAID signed the agreement on behalf of respective governments.

    “The US is committed to the reconstruction efforts through direct support to the government of Pakistan”, Patterson said, adding that the Taliban had been forced to retreat due to the efforts of the Pakistan Army. “The people of Waziristan have sacrificed tremendously in the war against terrorism,” she said. “This support is part of the strategic agreements worth $899 million signed by the two governments on September 30, 2009,” she said, adding that the grant would be directly provided to the FATA Secretariat, as it worked with the Frontier Works Organisation, the Water and Power Development Authority, and other local agencies to rebuild roads and develop the water and power supply system.

    The ambassador reiterated that the US would directly provide assistance to Pakistan. “US has developed the monitoring system that would help to ensure transparency in the disbursement system,” she added. She said the US was the largest assistance provider to FATA, with provisions of over $100 million in small infrastructure, education, health and economic growth projects during that last two years. “In addition, the US has provided more than $300 million to help the displaced persons in FATA and the NWFP,” she said and reiterated the US pledge to continue support for infrastructure development in the FATA. The grants would be used for the construction of 100 kilometres of the Makeen Road and take measures for improving the quality of life of the local population.

NATO Kills at Least Eight Afghan Civilians in Fresh Air Strike
House Targeted After Ambush Near Helmand Capital
From by Jason Ditz, December 31, 2009

The number of civilian deaths in Afghanistan continues to rise. In the second high profile incident this week alone, officials say that NATO killed at least eight Afghan civilians in an overnight air strike in the restive Helmand Province. At least three of them were children. The attack came near the Helmand capital of Lashkar Gah, when foreign forces called in an air strike after coming under ambush. It is unclear why the house was the target, as the fighters do not appear to have been near the house at the time of the bombing.

NATO has so far declined comment on the Helmand killings, and is still scrambling to explain away the even more high profile Kunar massacre on the other side of the country, in which forces, which NATO now claims were “non-military Americans” killed 10 Afghan civilians, eight of them children. But virtually the entire British contribution to the war and an increasing number of US troops have been fighting in Helmand, where the Taliban’s power has grown so much that they are distributing travel permits to people coming in and out of Lashkar Gah. As NATO tries to convince the province’s residents accept them over the Taliban, the latest killings will likely do considerable harm to their PR campaign.

* * *
War causes death and serious injuries. The United States troops hurt or dead is over 70,000. WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH? End the War(s) NOW.

Read the story here: Last Week: US Iraq Casualties Rise to 72,548 From Voters For Peace By Michael Munk

End the War(s): U.S. Out of Afghanistan Now, AFP photo

* * *
Stop the Assassination Drones:. Call Leon Panetta at (703) 482-0623, CIA headquarters, leave a message: No More Drone Assasination attacks, and don’t attack Quetta. End the War(s) NOW.

Call President Obama ALL WEEK LONG. Let’s keep his White House lines busy: Take Action Now ! ! Call President Obama: To reach the U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121 Leave a message: “You made the wrong decision. I do not support you on this. I feel betrayed.” Say NO to Escalation in Afghanistan. Sign the petition here. No funds from Congress for the troop escalation. Tell them now.

[ Go to this link and join Cindy Sheehan and other Peace Activists new group “Peace of the Action” put your name on the line.]

Get your bumpersticker, support Military Famlies Speak Out

You can order bumperstickers at this link.

Today, please tell your member of Congress and U.S. Senators to End the War in Afghanistan, sign this petition. If you live outside the United States, write to your leaders, End the War Now.


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