UPDATE: Helmand, Afghanistan: Swat Valley, South Waziristan destruction to be Repeated? End the Cycle of Genocide, Recognition of the Armenian Genocide coming up for Committee Vote, please sign the Petition and call your legislators

Helmand, Afghanistan, the biggest battle since the Viet Nam war is about to begin.(See Map of Helmand, click here) In 2007, the British and Coalition forces tried to clear the Taliban out of Sangin Valley, Helmland under Operation Ghartse Gar Now the destruction of Swat Valley, Fallujah, South Warziristan will be repeated.

UPDATE: UN calls for aid pledges for displaced Pakistanis $537 Million needed for six months.

Update: Hundreds flee south Afghan town ahead of offensive

Many Aghani citizens will be leaving their homes in the winter, abandoning their livestock and fields of produce (and yes, opium fields also) to escape being caught in the middle of a battle that the Coalition (US) forces will use aircraft, Assassination Drones, artillery, helicopter gun ships, and soldiers firing 100,000’s of rounds of ammunition. This beautiful valley floor will be destroyed. Homes and bridges will be destroyed. In the end, what will be achieved? I asked before “Show us Swat Valley NOW (see story, click here). Let us see if the 2.5 Million people “displaced” have come back, and have come back to what? Can the Pakistan Government make life better for the people of Helmand? Did they make life better for the Swat Valley people after the government bombings and attack?

END THE CYCLE OF GENOCIDE: SUPPORT CONGRESSIONAL ACTION NOW, SIGN THE PETITION, PLEASE. CALL YOUR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. This is a personal matter for me and my family. I am of Armenian descent. My relatives died at the hands of the Turkish soldiers, ordered to massacre and destroy all Armenians and the Armenian civilization. Almost 1/2 of all Armenians died during the Armenian Genocide. For years, the Turkish government has blocked our Congress from voting on this resolution. They play Hard Ball and threaten the U.S. Government with severe repercussions if the Armenian Genocide is recognized. The Turkish Government denies that this happened. Please pass this Post link along to your friends.

Anti-Genocide activists gear up to bring America back to right side on key human rights issue. Chairman Howard Berman Sets Committee Vote for Armenian Genocide Resolution for Thursday, March 4th. Your Signature Is Necessary. Please sign the Petition below the video of Chairman Ken Hachikian outlining the support needed to pass this out of Committee. Thank You Mr. Hachikian, for all you do for the Armenian Cause.

Take Action Now (Read more information, click here)

Be one of the first to sign the Petition, Click Here.

Is your House member on the Foreign Relations Committee? Click here.

Current List of Co-Sponsors. 137 House Members are co-sponsors, is your House Member a Co-Sponsor? Click here. Call your member of Congress if they are not on this list and ask them to become a Co-sponsor. For your Information: Here’s some talking points from the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA)

Go to the ANCA website for more information, click here.

Read More about the Armenian Genocide, click here.

* * * * *

Thank You for Taking Some Action. We are in war in three countries in Central Asia.
These wars must stop. Go to defundwar.org and make a difference.

Read the Flyer: We Call for the United States to End Its Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan!

* * *
“March on Washington on March 20, End the War(s)” was first Posted on January 2, 2010. It is being Re-Posted today because we all must participate on March 20. Read all you can and organize locally if you can’t get to Washington on March 20. Come the week before as there will be events of protest leading up to the day of the march. Please pass this Post link along to your friends.

Show your support on March 20. A day for Peace…..

The time has come for your personal action to End the War(s). The date to show how you feel is March 20, 2010. There will be a March on Washington, led by the ANSWER Coalition. Spread the word. There will be a lot of news on this in the upcoming months. Organize your local town for action on March 20. Show the world WE CARE. Take action now. Personally endorse the March 20 March on Washington, click here.

We marched when Bush was President, now let's march when Obama increases troops. Come March 20 to Washington, DC and demand the End to the War(s)

Thank you for signing the Recognition of the Armenian Genocide Petition and passing this link on to your friends.


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