Kuchinich, the Patriot, tries to End the Wars, introduces resolution to remove troops, 65 Yes votes, 356 No Votes; Take Action, Join the March on Washington March 20, sign up here, also Marching in Los Angeles and San Francisco

Sixty Democrats and Five Republicans backed Dennis Kucinich’s H. Con. Resolution 248, that would have had our troops out of Afghanistan within 30 days, or at least by the end of 2010. We applaud their stance. View how they voted here. Don’t forget when they ask you to vote for them, how did they vote on March 11, 2010 on Ending the War? No volunteering or money for any NO voter, or absentee member. I’m happy to report that Rep. Sam Farr (D), who represents the district that is the home to this Blog voted NO, and was a co-sponsor. Thanks Sam.

Five Republicans voted Yes to get all troops out of Afghanistan within 30 days, Ron Paul was one of them. Here’s his reasons why he believes the Wars Must End Now, followed by Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D):

Again, Thank You Dennis Kucinich for bringing this to a debate and a vote on the House floor. It has been over 8 years since the last vote on going to war or ending the war. Enough is Enough.

Click Here to watch some more video of the House Afghanistan Debate and read What Kucinich Accomplished by Robert Naiman, a good analysis.

Be sure to join Cindy Sheehan and her efforts, Click Here. And March on March 20 in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco (other cities to be announced), Click here for more information.


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