South Waziristan Military Action Completed: 4,000 arrested and await trial; Cindy Sheehan needs your support, join her by signing up, she’s at the National Mall on CAMP OUT NOW

Over 4,000 high profile militants and terrorists (defined by the Pakistan Government) that were captured in South Waziristan are to be turned over to the Civil Courts for trial (from the story below the Video).

This Video paints a picture of the “Displaced” returning to Swat Valley, but it does not show us the suffering of the masses outside the city areas. Why don’t we see this if everything has returned to ‘normal’? The South Waziristan people will be suffering the same (See File Story on Swat Valley 2.5 Million “Displaced” villagers).

    From Dawn. com: ISLAMABAD: Military leadership told political leaders on Monday that major targets in the South Waziristan operation had been achieved and therefore the military would be formally ending its operation on March 30 and handing over control to the civil administration.

    The decision was taken at a high level meeting held at the presidency chaired by President Asif Ali Zardari and attended by the Governor and Chief Minister of NWFP, Interior and Law Ministers, Army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani and other senior intelligence officials. The meeting reviewed the progress made in investigations, prosecution and trials of those involved in acts of terrorism in the tribal areas, Swat, Malakand and the rest of the NWFP. General Kayani said that the civil administration should make itself ready to take over 4,000 high profile militants and terrorists captured during various operations for their trial in the court of law. He also stated that the military’s exit strategy from South Waziristan was ready and it would be winding up the operation in South Waziristan but military presence would remain there to deal with any eventuality. Additional Chief Secretary Frontier Fayyaz Ahmed Toro gave a detailed presentation on the progress made so far in the investigation, prosecution and trial of the some of the detainees.

Cindy Sheehan is now camping out on the National Mall to force President Obama to bring Peace members to the table when discussing the wars in Central Asia. You can join her by signing up at her webpage by clicking here. And you can support the March 20 March on Washington by clicking here. Thank you Cindy and all that participate with her for all your efforts to bring an End to the Wars sooner.

Cindy Sheehan at the White House, now CAMP OUT NOW at the National Mall, Join Her


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