Cindy Sheehan opens CAMP OUT NOW; Hakeemulla Mehsud is alive; and the War goes on

First Story: Cindy Sheehan at CAMP OUT NOW, on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Cindy has opened CAMP OUT NOW and you can follow her protest and demands here at her blog. Camp OUT NOW is gaining momentum and we are welcoming new people to Camp everyday! Watch these videos at their press converence with BRIAN BECKER, KEVIN ZEESE, ANN WRIGHT, RAY MCGOVERN
and CINDY SHEEHAN. Thank you all that put your life on hold to bring our troops back home. Remember, March 20 March on Washington to End the wars, support them here. Listen to Cindy Sheehan on Democracy Now on Friday.

Cindy Sheehan's CAMP OUT NOW, Peace of the Action Flyer

Second Story: Hakeemullah Mehsud Is Alive

It is almost that everytime that a “high-value target” is killed by a U.S. Assassination Drone, the “target” shows up alive some days later. Is this announcement just a smokescreen to “smoke out” the “target”, to get him to show his head so he can be picked off, or is it done to cover up the innocent dead left behind? One of the results of using “spotters on the ground” to identify “high value targets” is that this is a way to get your enemies killed by the U.S. government. You point out the people that you have a big-time grudge and the U.S. blows them away with an Assassination Drone. Read the Hakeemullah Mehsud story here and view other Assasination Drone attack stories at The Long War Journal.

Hakeemulla Mehsud, 2008 photo from The Long War Journal

Third Story: And the War goes On.

More innocent civilians to be “displaced” during the battles to come: “NATO Eyes Massive Offensive in Northern Afghanistan Attack to Center Around Kunduz, Will Be Similar in Scale to Helmand” The U.S. and NATO will be conducting attacks across Afghanistan over the next year (and beyond?). What was the 179th poorest nation out of 180, will surely become 180th after these destructive attacks. What is the Human Price, and why are we not protecting the population? Just put yourself in their place, in a small village where you barely eek out a living, and you are forced to leave or die there. You move your family out of your village, but where do you go and what is there if you return later? You be the judge. Read: Army Capture of Swat Valley Town Leaves Trail of Destruction.

Swat Valley people being displaced, on the run


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