Oppose War Funding, Support Military Withdrawal Legislation; Call Your Congress Members Today (202) 224-3121: Vote No on $33 Billion to be spent Killing Afghanistan people

From Just Foreign Policy: Oppose War Funding, Support Military Withdrawal Legislation (Click Here).

    In the next several weeks, Congress is expected to be asked to approve $33 billion more for war in Afghanistan. The money will be used chiefly to pay for the current military escalation and the U.S. military’s offensive in the Afghan city of Kandahar planned for this summer. This week, Senator Feingold and Representative McGovern announced they are introducing legislation that would require the President to establish a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

    Recently, WikiLeaks made public a classified military video (right) depicting the U.S. military killing over a dozen individuals, including two Reuters employees. A second report claims that U.S. forces covered-up details surrounding the slaying of five Afghan civilians — including two pregnant women — during a night raid in February. Killing of innocents will stop only when the war stops.

    Will you write to your representatives, urging them to oppose more money for war and to support the Feingold-McGovern bill? Click here, email your Congress Member.

Please call your Congress Members and tell them to VOTE NO on the $33 Billion War funding to kill more people in Afghanistan, the phone number is (202) 224-3121.

Innocent Civilians Leaving Their Homes in Malakand prior to U.S. backed Pakistani Military Attack

Today, this call to action is from Voters for Peace and we are reprinting it here as this is what YOU need to do Today Please:

This Story will be Posted through April 19. Send your friends to this link so they may begin making calls also. Thank you.

    Voters for Peace is joining with 20 other anti-war organizations in making this week a call-in week on Afghanistan.

    Congress has returned from recess and a war supplemental is on their agenda. They need to hear from constituents.

    When you call you should ask there be no more war funding for Afghanistan, that a date be set an end date to U.S. occupation and that real peace negotiations begin.

    A second call-in week will be scheduled when there is better intelligence on the timing of the war supplemental vote and possible amendments but it is important to lay the groundwork now. We expect the vote will happen before Friday, May 28, the start of the Congressional Memorial Day recess.

    Please call both your Senators and your House Member. The Congressional hotline number is: (202) 224-3121. They will connect you to your representatives. Thank you, Kevin Zeese,Executive Director
    Voters for Peace

From Just Foreign Policy: Track your calls, report it here.
Call Congress Against the War in Afghanistan. Urge your Representative to: oppose the war supplemental, support a military withdrawal timetable, and support peace negotiations. The Congressional switchboard is 202-224-3121. When you’ve completed your call, you can report the result by CLICKING HERE.


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