Hakeemullah Mehsud (Pentagon “He’s dead”; Wrong again, he’s alive); Open Pit burning in Afghanistan, worse pollution possible done by US Troops; Tell Members of Congress to VOTE NO on $33 Billion more war funding, send email here

Watch Hakeemullah Mehsud “Killed in Assassination Drone Attack in January”, according to the Pentagon news room. April 4 Video here, thanks to the Long War Journal that posted this after it was received by them on April 29. VIEW IT HERE.

Hakeemullah Mehsud — not dead yet By Bill Roggio April 29, 2010 READ THE TIMELINE HERE at the Long War Journal.

A little more background info from dawn. com: Pakistani Taliban chief ruthless and theatrical

From our past stories on Hakeemullah Mehsud, READ IT HERE.

Second Story:

Do we care about the local population? Here’s the latest (May 2, 2010) report on buring waste material in open pits in Afghanistan, from kabulpress.com. EXCLUSIVE REPORT: American Military Burn Pits Pollute Afghan Countryside READ IT HERE.

Third Story: Call to ACTION

Tell your members of Congress to VOTE NO on the extra 33 BILLION dollar appropriation to go to the war in Afghanistan. Over One Trillion Dollars will be wasted on the Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan wars. FOR OIL. From Just Foreign Policy: Oppose War Funding, Support Military Withdrawal Legislation, support Feingold-McGovern bill (Click Here).


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