President Kohler of Germany RESIGNS for telling the truth about Afghanistan; Have your Congress Member Join Out of Afghanistan Now Caucus Today

President of Germany Resigns for telling the truth: In Afghanistan to protect German Trade interests (From the NY Times, full story, click here):

    President Horst Köhler of Germany resigned on Monday amid a barrage of criticism for remarks he made a week ago during a surprise visit to Afghanistan. Mr. Köhler, a former director of the International Monetary Fund and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, shocked Germans earlier this month when he said that the country’s soldiers serving in Afghanistan or other peacekeeping missions were deployed to protect German economic interests. Usually, German leaders justify their soldiers’ presence in the American-led coalition by saying they are needed to thwart would-be terrorists who might use Afghanistan as a base for attacks in Europe.

    But, in his contentious remarks, Mr. Köhler said: “A country of our size, with its focus on exports and thus reliance on foreign trade, must be aware that military deployments are necessary in an emergency to protect our interests, for example, when it comes to trade routes, for example, when it comes to preventing regional instabilities that could negatively influence our trade, jobs and incomes.”

Meanwhile Back In The USA:

The following comes from Tom Hayden, Director of the Peace and Justice Resource Center via an email blast to supporters. We at Out of Central Asian Now have been reporting on this since it was announced by Rep. John Conyers office, click here. The time is NOW to End the Wars in Central Asia.


    (Tom Hayden says) If this was Bush’s war in Afghanistan, at least 100 Congressional Democrats would be voting against it and stirring up debate. Because it’s Obama’s War, however, they have been cautious to break party unity over another trillion dollar war in which 1,000 American soldiers have been killed. The same Congressional progressives have been caught up in the stimulus bill, the health care package, Wall Street reform, and an oil-drilling catastrophe, all of which leaves less free time to oppose the Afghanistan War.

    The good news is that rank-and-file Democrats and Independents have broken away from the president’s war policies. They think it’s unaffordable, unwinnable, and not making us safer as a nation. If any Congressional Democrats are paying attention to their constituencies, there are three important choices on the near horizon:

    – a chance to join the new Out of Afghanistan Caucus just launched by Rep. John Conyers, a clear opportunity to separate themselves from the president’s policy; [Conyers letter to Congress]

    – a probable chance to vote for or against the president’s $33 billion supplemental request for his troop escalation; [HR 3699]

    – a vote on Rep. Jim McGovern’s and Sen. Russ Feingold’s HR 5015 and SB 3187, demanding an exit strategy which includes a “flexible timetable” for US troop withdrawals.

    Neither the White House and Congress are ready to end the war. But they are sinking into a quagmire, and are worried about the growth of anti-war public opinion among those Democrats and Independents.

    This is a chance for the anti-war movement to make a difference in a peace offensive at home through 2012.

See co-sponsors of Feingold-McGovern-Jones bill here – 93 co-sponsors so far.
Contact your Congressional Representative here and ask them to be a co-sponsor.


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