18 Senators vote in favor of Afghanistan Timetable for withdrawl, Senator Feingold speaks

18 Senators (18% of the Senate) wants a timetable to withdraw from Afghanistan. 82 Senators (82% of the Senate) don’t want a timetable to withdraw from Afghanistan. Are they out of touch with their constituents? End the Wars NOW. One Trillion, Two Trillion, millions of lives disrupted permanently, ENOUGH !

After Senator Feingold’s Amendment to set a timetable to withdraw from Afghanistan FAILED, the Senator put out this statement on his Afghanistan Timetable Amendment. We at Out of Central Asia Now applaud his attempt and thank those Senators that voted in FAVOR of the amendment (see below Action). If your Senator is not on this list, call them and tell them you are disappointed in their vote and will not work or conribute to their campaign again. Here’s the list of the 18 senators voting in favor were Boxer (CA), Durbin (IL), Merkley (OR), Sanders (VT), Harkin (IA), Udall (NM), Feingold (WI), Cantwell (WA), Wyden (OR), Brown (OH), Leahy (VT), Murray (WA), Specter (PA), Dorgan (ND), Schumer (NY), Baucus (MT), Gillibrand (NY), and Tester (MT).

    Senator Feingold said, “While I am disappointed it did not pass, I am encouraged by the support my Afghanistan timetable amendment received, particularly by most of the Senate Democratic leadership. This amendment would have given the American people the information they deserve on when our massive, open-ended military operation in Afghanistan will end. Now, however, this supplemental will add some $30 billion more to the nearly $300 billion we’ve already spent in Afghanistan, with no end in sight. This cannot go on and is yet another reason why a flexible timetable for drawing down our troops in Afghanistan is necessary and appropriate.

    “This amendment is the first attempt in the Senate to get an idea of when this nine-year war in Afghanistan will end. Only 13 senators supported my original attempt to require a timetable for Iraq, and today, a timetable is exactly what is in place in Iraq. I am confident that, over time, more and more members will listen to their constituents and support my efforts to require a flexible timeline for ending the Afghan war.”

Take Action NOW:

If your senators voted in favor of an exit strategy, please thank them. If they opposed it, please express your disappointment.

Click Here to Find telephone numbers for your two U.S. senators (thanks to the Friends Committee for this link).

A special thanks to the Fellowship of Reconciliation for their email alert on this issue. For more information about the Fellowship, click here.


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