Assassination Drones and the “Wired for War” future is here; Sherwood Ross and Bill Roggio Assassination Drone Stories also

At the beginning of the Iraq war, the U.S. had a handful of Assassination Drones at its disposal for the beginning of the “Unmanned” ariel assassination weapon, now the U.S. has over 7,000 Assassination Drones and over 40 countries are manufacturing their own or are working on doing so. The “FACE” of war is changing. Ed. Note:See our story “UN expert criticizes “illegal” targeted killing policies and calls on the US to halt CIA drone killings” click here. To see the full 29 page report, “Study on targeted killings”**Read full Report, click here.

Grim-Reaper with 4 Hellfire Missiles, 2 sidewinder air to air missiles, and 2 GBU 12 Paveway Laser guided bombs

Brookings scholar and, author of “Wired for War”, PW Singer interviewed by Ibrahim Sajid Malick is a Pakistani-American writer, technologist, and social entrepreneur on January 22, 2010. Read Mr. Malick’s latest story from entitled “Civilian Murders: Those condoning illegal Drone Bombings are complicit in War Crimes”, click here

“USA: Acronym for United States of Assassinations?” written by Sherwood Ross, read it here. Sherwood reports “…So far,” says international legal authority Francis Boyle of the University of Illinois at Champaign, “all CIA drone attacks have been murders, assassinations, and extrajudicial executions – a grave violation of international human rights law, the laws of the countries where the attacks took place, and of US domestic law.” Boyle added, “All CIA drone strikes in Pakistan are criminal and a grave violation of international human rights law.”

US kills 14 in 2 strikes in North Waziristan by Bill Roggio at The Long War Journal :Background on US strikes in Pakistan

    The latest two strikes are the second and third reported inside Pakistan this month. All three strikes have taken place over the past 24 hours. Yesterday, the US hit a Taliban compound in the town of Norak in North Waziristan, killing three terrorists.

    So far this year, the US has carried out 41 strikes in Pakistan; all but two of them have taken place in North Waziristan. The US is well on its way to exceeding last year’s strike total in Pakistan. In 2009, the US carried out 53 strikes in Pakistan; and in 2008, the US carried out 36 strikes in the country. [For up-to-date charts on the US air campaign in Pakistan, see LWJ Special Report, “Charting the data for US airstrikes in Pakistan, 2004 – 2010.”]

ACTION: Call: 1-888-543-5234 (toll-free number established by FCNL) connects you with the Capitol Switchboard. Tell your Representatives, No More War Funding. End the Wars NOW.

Editor’s Note: We at Out of Central Asia Now have been calling the U.S. use of Assasination Drones illegal for some time. We have many Assassination Drone posts at this site. Over 40 Nations have Drones now and when one of them uses the Assassination Drone and claims that the U.S. used the Assassination Drones just like we are using them “…In self-defense”, what action will the United Nations be able to take? The Genie (Assassination Drones) is out of the Lamp. Who started this? The United States of America. End the Wars NOW.


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