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Buzkashi instead of War, let’s send a team to compete

August 11, 2009

The Afghan National Sport: Buzkashi

Can’t we just let the Afghani’s rule themselves?  Our nation had a civil war, the most Americans ever to die in any war was right on our own soil, killed by other “Americans”.  Just GET OUT and let them be.  I’m posting this so you can see what is fun for them, and a show of strength and teamwork dating back centuries.

Buzkashi, which literally translated means “goat grabbing” is the national sport of Afghanistan. Many historians believe that Buzkashi began with the Turkic-Mongol people, and it is indigenously shared by the people of Northern Afghanistan. There are two main types of Buzkashi, Tudabarai and Qarajai. Tudabarai is relatively simple compared with Qarajai, even though they share similar objectives.

In Buzkashi, a headless carcass is placed in the center of a circle and surrounded by the players of two opposing teams. The object of the game, is to get control of the carcass and bring it to the scoring area. Although it seems like a simple task, it is not. Only the most masterful players, (called chapandaz) ever even get close to the carcass. The competition is fierce, and the winner of a match receives prizes that have been donated by a sponsor. These prizes range from money, to fine turbans and clothes. In order for someone to become a chapandaz, one must undergo a tremendous amount of difficult training. In fact, the best chapandaz, are usually over the age of forty. Buzkashi, is definitely not a game for the weak.

Let’s make this an Olympic Game and End the War NOW.