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Smoking Hashish: We need Vietnam-style Reporting: Reporters on the ground

August 14, 2009

What’s missing?  We don’t see anything on Television at 6 PM except for “embedded” video, or Pentagon press releases delivered by a talking head soldier.  If we knew how corrupt and incompetent were the Afghan “Army” and the Afghan Government, we would not be willing to spend $4 BILLION DOLLARS a MONTH there, and give up our young soldier’s lives for this “cause”.   Demand the MainStreamMedia to get on the ground in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Central Asia countries.  STOP THE WARS NOW.

U.S. spent 18 BILLION to train Afghan “Military” and Police.  Take a look at this video to see what we are getting for our money.  Afghanistan, rated #5 in Corrupt Governments.  No More Money.  No More Troops.


The Hashish Army-Afghanistan “Soldiers”

No More Money For Afghanistan, Iraq or Pakistan.  No more Troops sent.  Demand your Congressmember DENY any more funding.  Bring out troops HOME.  Pass this link to your email list please.