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$58 Billion more for War, no money for our States; U.S. Lasers shoot down Drones, Missiles, airplanes; “4 More Years, 4 More Years”

July 29, 2010

After 9 years, and a “New” President, 58 Billion more US dollars are approved by Congress to continue the “wars”. See who voted “NO” and if they are your Member of Congress, Click Here. Please call and thank them. The killings must stop now. Every U.S. State is cutting back on Teachers, Firefighters, Police, Public Works projects, but the Federal Government can overlook this and send the money to the 175th poorest state out of 180, under the goal of eliminating the Taliban? The U.S. Voter is a Sucker. Including ME.

Described as a Boeing Laser shooting down an airplane drone, unconfirmed


The Assassination Drones and missiles can now be Lasered out of the sky by the U.S. It won’t be long before this technology reaches our adversaries. See who’s building Asassination Drones, Click Here at AirDroid News.

Raytheon Employee Mike Boone’s quotes from their press release:

    “We’ve teamed with the Navy to bring the solid state lasers to the warfighter. We’ve linked a solid state laser to an actual U.S. Navy program of record, and that is Laser Phalanx.”

    “Directed energy essentially gives warfighters an unlimited magazine. As long as they have electricity they have photons, and as long as they have photons they have bullets.”

    “We actually shot down four of four operational UAVs. They were all destroyed and crashed into the sea.” – Mike Booen, Raytheon’s vice president of Advanced Security and Directed Energy Systems

FOUR More Years, Four More Years, where have we heard that before? We’ll be out of Afghanistan in Four More Years, do you believe that?

Read the story from the Times of India here: Afghan goal for 2014 security handover ‘reasonable’: US

It took two years to determine the SIZE of the Peace Conference Table in France to End the Viet Nam War. Since the beginning of the invasion of Afghanistan, there have been many LIES told to us about what is happening there and in Iraq. Why should this be believed now? An Election Year? Enough suffering, bring our Troops Home NOW…


New Reason to stay in Afghanistan: Stop Opium Production

August 12, 2009 source of part of the story:


Just another of a long line of reasons to stay in Afghanistan.  This will be a total disaster for the Afghan population that has nothing to grow, no water to irrigage any food crops, so they grow opium that needs almost no water.  Their whole life is built around the few dollars they get from this crop.  Is the “New” U.S. policy taken from a 2006 document from Stop the Drug war?

A frequent target of accusations of drug dealing is Ahmed Wali Karzai (above), the powerful head of the Kandahar Provincial Council and one of President Karzai’s brothers, says the report. - AP/File photo

A frequent target of accusations of drug dealing is Ahmed Wali Karzai (above), the powerful head of the Kandahar Provincial Council and one of President Karzai’s brothers, says the report. - AP/File photo

WASHINGTON: Senior US military and civilian officials believe the Taliban cannot be defeated and good government in Afghanistan cannot be established without cutting off the money generated by Afghanistan’s opium industry, says a US Senate report released on Tuesday.

The report notes that the illegal Afghan drug industry supplies more than 90 per cent of the world’s heroin and generates an estimated $3 billion a year in profits.

The report also includes, what it describes as ‘an overdue acknowledgement’, that ‘the drug situation has deteriorated sharply under the stewardship of the government of President Hamid Karzai, the United States and Nato-led International Security Assistance Force.’

The report titled ‘Afghanistan’s Narco War: Breaking the Link between drug traffickers and insurgents,’ was issued by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, examining the new US counter-narcotics strategy in Afghanistan.

The report points out that in 2004 and 2005 the US helped negotiate an agreement for aerial spraying in southern Afghanistan. President Karzai agreed tentatively to a pilot project.

But the Afghan cabinet rejected the idea outright, banning all forms of aerial spraying. ‘Some of them were protecting the source of their own wealth,’ the report quotes a State Department official, identified only as Charles, as saying.

The report notes that ‘nowhere is the corruption worse than in the huge payoffs from drug traffickers’. A frequent target of accusations of drug dealing is Ahmed Wali Karzai, the powerful head of the Kandahar Provincial Council and one of the president’s brothers, the report adds.

The US Senate panel notes that stories about him are legendary – how Afghan police and military commanders who seize drugs in southern Afghanistan are told by Ahmed Wali to return them to the traffickers, how he arranged the imprisonment of a US drug informant who had tipped the Americans to a drug-laden truck near Kabul, how his accusers often turn up dead.

The report points out: ‘Questions have been raised in the past about whether the United States has the political will to go after influential members of the government.’

 It is the South Asia Wars, The Long War.  Resources (Oil and Gas, and their supply pipelines) are the reasons that the Chinese, the Russians, Iranians, Saudi Arabians, and the U.S. + others are in the region and some countries are doing all they can to dominate the area with troops/embassies/and the promise of “development monies”.  END THE WAR, GET OUT OF CENTRAL ASIA NOW.