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Peace Movement to Begin? Withdraw U.S. Troops from Afghanistan (Ed. note: and elsewhere)

October 12, 2010

We, at Out of  Central Asia Now, have been bringing you opinions from writers from throughout the world.  All of the stories were used by us to show we Must End These Wars Now.  Today, we bring you from CNN, the following story in full.  It is time for our White Ribbons with black letters to be worn on our clothes to show that we want the war(s) over NOW.  Read on please.

Amitai Etzioni, University Professor and Former Israeli Commando, CNN Photo


Withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan By Amitai Etzioni, Special to CNN October 12, 2010 10:11 a.m. EDT

Editor’s note: Amitai Etzioni is a sociologist and professor of international relations at George Washington University and the author of several books, including “Security First” and “New Common Ground.” He was a senior adviser to the Carter administration and has taught at Columbia and Harvard universities and the University of California, Berkeley.

(CNN) — Before I explain why I believe the time has come to start a stop-the-war movement, I should say that I am not one of those intellectuals who has never worried about the fate of their loved ones or gotten his own boots dirty.

My son completed a five-year stint in the U.S. 1st Armored Division. As an Israeli commando, I saw a lot of fighting during Israel’s war for independence. My unit started fighting with 1,100 members; when the fighting stopped, 700 were dead and buried or wounded. And we killed all too many on the other side.

I abhor war and believe we should fight only when there is a clear and present danger, when all other means for resolving a conflict have been truly exhausted and to protect the innocent. Those are the three criteria of a just war. The war in Afghanistan used to meet these criteria. It no longer does.

We invaded Afghanistan to stop it from serving as a base for terrorists of the kind who attacked us on 9/11. This goal has been accomplished.

Fewer than 100 members of al Qaeda are in Afghanistan. There are many more in Yemen and Somalia, which we are not planning to invade.

Video: Karzai: Relations with Obama good

Video: Karzai: Osama bin Laden not here

Video: Failed rescue attempt probe The Taliban has no designs on us, beyond making us leave. After that, the people of Afghanistan can duke it out over which kind of regime they want. If the majority of the Afghan people don’t want the Taliban to rule, they should fight for their rights, as they have shown they can when they defeated the Taliban in 2002 with limited help from us.

Some claim that we must keep fighting to secure human rights, especially women’s rights, and a democratic regime in Afghanistan. However, nothing indicates that we can accomplish in this godforsaken 12th-century country what we did in Germany and Japan after World War II.

The metrics that the U.S. Army keeps inventing to show progress are pitiful. Having committed 100,000 troops and a similar number of “private” contractors against rag-tag, poorly equipped, illiterate locals, we captured a few scores of square miles, opened a few markets and a local government or two. But large and growing areas of Afghanistan are under Taliban control. We should neither die nor kill for an illusion.

Sometimes, a minor news item highlights a much greater issue.

A recent report from an embedded reporter for GlobalPost shows a 19-year-old American soldier getting shot in the head — his helmet saved him from death — as his unit traveled through Kunar Province in late August. They were surveying polling sites for the upcoming elections. Also, a homemade bomb, called an IED, damaged and set afire the lead vehicle of this small convoy and severely wounded its driver.

It seemed absurd to risk lives of Americans, our allies or Afghans to support faux elections.

In many parts of the country, ballot stations could not be opened. In others, massive fraud took place. Adding insult to injury, we congratulated the Afghan government on holding “successful” elections. That way, we did not have to admit to the world and each other that whatever the Karzai government is — one of the most corrupt governments in the world, a foundation of a new narcostate — democracy it ain’t, by a long shot.

How much our entanglement in Afghanistan is turning into a sad farce became all too clear when President Obama flew to Kabul to tell Karzai that he ought to stop corruption.

When, in response, Karzai started negotiating a peace deal with the Taliban, the White House rolled out the red carpet for Karzai and announced that from now on, the U.S. will focus on low-level corruption. Moreover, it turns out that major sources of corruption are our corporations and the CIA.

It’s time to bring our troops home.

To encourage our president and Congress to withdraw the troops, let’s fasten to our lapels white ribbons (for peace) with black letters (mourning those who died) that read “Bring them home.” The time has come to organize teach-ins and antiwar groups. Instead of another march on Washington, let there be rallies across America. Bring the troops home.

The opinions in this commentary are solely those of Amitai Etzioni.

45+ Afghans die during air raid, NATO, U.S. deny it happened

August 7, 2010

The NATO command and the U.S. Forces are lying to us, the public. They can not be trusted. These wars must end. What is to be gained by continuing? What is Victory? Our friends at Rethink Afghanistan have produced this video of the deaths of 45+ innocent civilians in a small Afghan Village. This has been denied by NATO and the U.S. Forces. What would you do if this were your village? After viewing the video, go to Rethink Afghanistan and send a letter to your Members of Congress.

Pakistan Supreme Court rules NRO ‘null and void’, allowing for the prosecution of many of Pakistan’s power elite, including President Asif Ali Zardari; And Strings Attached to U.S. $7.5 Billion USD “in aid” to Pakistan

December 17, 2009

The Pakistan Supreme Court has ruled that the NRO is ‘null and void’. Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari’s days are numbered. Will he resign or hold on and let the country be consumed in prosecutions of many of the high command? Zardari is protected from prosecution while he is President, but the opposition parties in government are calling for his resignation and could be impeached under the Pakistan Constitution. View the video from Al as it explains the NRO and the ramifications of the Supreme Court action.

Opposition calls on Zardari to quit

    Taken from Al Pakistan’s main opposition party has called for Asif Ali Zardari, the country’s president, to resign after the supreme court declared void an amnesty deal protecting him from corruption charges.

    Following the ruling, officials from the Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) said Zardari should be obliged to step down. “On the moral ground, he should realise that in this situation he is no longer able to effectively run the government, run the country, [or] represent Pakistan within Pakistan or outside,” Raja Zafarul-Haq, the chairman of the PML-N, told Al Jazeera. He said that his party was “not in a hurry” to call for Zardari’s impeachment, but warned: “Maybe there will be a public reaction if he decides not to step down.” Earlier, Khawaja Asif, a senior leader PML-N leader, said: “It will be in his own interest, it will be in the interest of his party and it will be good for the system.”

    Resignations demanded

    Siddiqul Farooq, a spokesman for the party, also called for Zardari to step down, saying the president should “resign on moral grounds” and “not depend upon the crutches of the constitution”. Pakistan’s constitution guarantees Zardari immunity while in office. But the constitution also states that presidential candidates must be pious, honest and truthful and not have been convicted in a criminal case.

    The supreme court’s decision on Wednesday declaring the amnesty agreement as being unconstitutional paves the way for corruption cases against Zardari and thousands of other officials covered by the amnesty to be revived. “All the cabinet members must immediately tender their resignations,” Farooq said. Beneficiaries of the amnesty include Pakistan’s interior and defence ministers. A number of cases were pending against Zardari when it was announced by Pervez Musharraf, then Pakistan’s president, that he and others would be immune from prosecution under the 2007 National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO).

    Amnesty deal

    Musharraf declared the NRO while under pressure to hold elections and end eight years of military rule. Although Zardari has spent years in jail over corruption charges, he alleges the charges were politically-motivated and questions hang over whether he was ever actually convicted. Zardari’s Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) won elections in 2008, restoring civilian rule, but the NRO expired at the end of last month and the PPP did not have enough support to renew the ordinance in parliament. Senior figures in the PML-N, led by Nawaz Sharif, a former prime minister, have already called on Zardari to give up powers inherited from Musharraf such as those to sack the prime minister and dissolve parliament.

    Zardari already faces low public approval ratings and any political trouble in Pakistan is likely to be watched very closely by the West which wants Islamabad to focus on combating Islamist fighters.

Malik, other bigwigs face difficult situation

    From ISLAMABAD: As a result of the Supreme Court judgment scrapping the National Reconciliation Ordinance, Interior Minister Rehman Malik and a number of other bigwigs are likely to lose their posts because they had been convicted by accountability courts. The apex court decision restores the pre-NRO situation and those who had been sentenced in cases withdrawn under the NRO would stand convicted. Mr Malik is one of those who had been convicted for not appearing before the court in corruption cases in 2004. Now, legal experts said the interior minister would have to get bail from a court to retain his office.

    Mr Malik was facing two cases in accountability courts – illegal gratification of Rs15 million and illegal detention of a complainant. Both cases were registered in 2004. According to the National Accountability Bureau report submitted before the apex court, the minister was sentenced under section 31-A of the National Accountability Ordinance to three years’ rigorous imprisonment. Talking to reporters here on Wednesday, Mr Malik vowed to resign from his office if corruption charges were proved against him. “I would prefer to be buried in Pakistan instead of escaping,” he said.

    Some other beneficiaries of NRO would face a difficult situation. Included among them are former MNA Sardar Mansoor Khan Leghari, Murid Ahmed Baloch, Inamur Rehman Sehri, former MPA Mian Muhammad Rashid, former chairman of the NDFC Maula Bux, former MD of the Utility Stores Corporation Sadiq Ali Khan, former acting manager of the OGDC Raheel J. Qureshi and Nadeem Imtiaz.

The Strings Attached to the U.S. $7.5 Billion USD gift to Pakistan over the next five years

    WASHINGTON: The Obama administration sought to reassure US lawmakers this week it would demand ‘maximum accountability’ from Pakistan for $7.5 billion in aid and that it had safeguards to ensure funds did not reach extremists. In a report sent by the State Department to congressional committees late on Monday, the administration outlined its priorities for the aid, including water, agriculture and electricity projects, and laid out a strategy to prevent corruption and misuse of the money.

    ‘The Secretary (of State) will suspend any government to government assistance to any implementing agency if there is credible evidence of misuse of funds by such agency,’ said the report, obtained by Reuters. The report was mandated by Congress after the $7.5 billion, five-year aid plan passed into law in October. So far, appropriations committees have agreed on nearly $1.5 billion for the first year. Read more here.

* * *
Stop the Assassination Drones:. Call Leon Panetta at (703) 482-0623, CIA headquarters, leave a message: No More Drone Assasination attacks, and don’t attack Quetta. End the War(s) NOW.

Call President Obama ALL WEEK LONG. Let’s keep his White House lines busy: Take Action Now ! ! Call President Obama: To reach the U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121 Leave a message: “You made the wrong decision. I do not support you on this. I feel betrayed.” Say NO to Escalation in Afghanistan. Sign the petition here. No funds from Congress for the troop escalation. Tell them now.

[ Go to this link and join Cindy Sheehan and other Peace Activists new group “Peace of the Action” put your name on the line.]

Get your bumpersticker, support Military Famlies Speak Out

You can order bumperstickers at this link.

Today, please tell your member of Congress and U.S. Senators to End the War in Afghanistan, sign this petition. If you live outside the United States, write to your leaders, End the War Now.

Daniel Ellsberg and Matthew Hoh discuss “Get out of Afghanistan Now”; Malalai Joya’s new book “A Woman Among Warlords” read now; CIA Chief Leon Panetta in Islamabad, why?

November 20, 2009

Dainel Ellsberg and Matthew Hoh brought to you by Brave New Conversations. Please listen to their conversation about our involvement in Afghanistan, and why we need to get out now. Please send this to all your mailing list.

Thank you Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films. Join their cause and help get the truth out.

To further understand the Pastun society that Matthew Hoh refers to, read Thomas Johnson and M. Chris Mason’s work entitled ” No Sign Until the Burst of Fire”, Understanding the Pakistan-Afghanistan Frontier”. It is a MUST READ to see how futile our efforts are in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Malalai Joya’s story will be on our Blog every day for the next month. Please buy her book and visit her site.. Read her San Jose Mercury Opinion: “U.S. is doing no good in Afghanistan” here.
On Saturday, Nov. 7, Malalai Joya was at a gathering at San Jose State University in California to promote her book “A Woman Among Warlords” and to gather support for her people in Afghanistan. Malalai is a very brave woman to take on her own government and also the U.S. government, the occupiers of her country.


Malalai Joya signing her new book, A Woman Among Warlords, a JB photo

Our story on Malalai Joya can be seen here. Buy a copy of her book, “A Woman Among Warlords” here, or at your favorite bookstore. A great Holiday gift idea. The subtitle is “The Extraordinary Story of an Afghan Who Dared to Raise Her Voice”. Visit Malalai’s website here for more information on how you can help.

CIA Chief Leon Panetta in Islamabad

CIA Chief Leon Panetta in Islamabad, talking with Prime Minister Gilani, more drone attacks? More payoffs for capturing high ranking fighters?  Getting out?

  • ISLAMABAD: CIA chief Leon Panetta on Friday held talks in Pakistan and found agreement on intelligence cooperation as President Barack Obama nears a decision on troop deployments to Afghanistan, Islamabad said. Panetta held talks with Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Washington’s policy review in Afghanistan, said the premier’s office in a brief statement. Earlier on Friday, a US missile attack killed eight people, including foreign militants, in Pakistan’s lawless tribal belt on the Afghan border, the second such attack in two days, Pakistani security officials said. The US military does not, as a rule, confirm drone attacks, but its armed forces and the Central Intelligence Agency operating in Afghanistan are the only forces that deploy pilotless drones in the region. Last Sunday, a US newspaper reported that the CIA provides hundreds of millions of dollars to Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency, including payments for the capture or killing of wanted militants.
  • [Ed. Note: Leon, tell President Zardari that we’re leaving, but we will give them 5 Billion a year to keep up the fight. Get out now, dear friend, Leon Panetta, tell President Obama “It’s not worth it”. We are propping up a Failed State and Zardari only has support in the Teens, under 20% approval rating. Stop the killing of innocents.]

    * * *
    Take Action Now: Pass our link to your friends right now. Call your Member of Congress and tell them to support Rep. Barbara Lee’s bill “To prohibit any increase in the number of members of the United States Armed Forces serving in Afghanistan.” Bill # H.R.3699. Do it now please. Then call President Obama: To reach the U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121 Leave a message: No more Troops. End the War(s).We will demonstrate in 100 cities if President Obama sends ANY troops to Central Asia ! Call Leon Panetta at (703) 482-0623, CIA headquarters, leave a message: No More Drone Assasination attacks, and don’t attack Quetta. End the War(s) NOW.

    Today, please tell your member of Congress and U.S. Senators to End the War in Afghanistan, sign this petition. Tell them you will march in 100 cities if President Obama sends ANY troops to Central Asia. Tell them to support Barbara Lee’s bill HR 3699. If you live outside the United States, write to your leaders, End the War(s) Now.

    “Hillary’s trip to Pakistan is Signifigant,” says Holbrooke; How U.S. Convinced Karazi to “Runoff”‘; Karazi Questions U.S. Partnership; “News” from South Waziristan Battlefield

    October 26, 2009

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

    Hillary’s Pakistan visit significant, says Holbrooke The announcement of her trip came a day after the US Senate passed a defence spending bill that includes military aid to Pakistan but with restrictions that may upset Pakistani officials who already complain that the Americans are interfering in their internal affairs. The bill imposes limits on how Pakistan gets reimbursed from a $1.6 billion fund used to support countries that help US counter-terror efforts. One provision of it says that aid to Pakistan must not ‘affect the balance of power in the region’ — meaning Pakistan should not use US funding to build up defences against India. It also says the US Defence Department must certify that Pakistan is making ‘concerted efforts’ to fight Al Qaeda and the Taliban before it can receive the money. Hillary Clinton’s forthcoming visit to Pakistan will be one of the most important trips she has made since she became the US Secretary of State, says America’s special envoy for the region. ‘And I think the whole world will be watching,’ said Richard Holbrooke. Read the whole story here.

    “How They Convinced Karzai”, written by Ahmed Rashid in NY Review of Books says “The final key to this temporary resolution is owed perhaps to the efforts of three dogged Americans. On the ground in Kabul, US Ambassador Karl Eikenberry, a six-foot former general and stalwart of the Afghan wars since 2001, and Senator John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, spent twenty hours over four days trying to convince Karzai to agree to a re-run. In Washington there was White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel: every time he opened his mouth (so Karzai had been assured), his words were coming directly from Obama. What perhaps finally brought Karzai into the real world was Emanuel going public with a statement on October 18—which Kerry had been privately drumming into Karzai for days—that Obama would not commit to sending any more US troops to Afghanistan until there was a “legitimate” and “new” government in Kabul. [Worth a full read here]

    WASHINGTON (AFP) – Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai questioned the reliability of the United States as a partner Sunday, as he fought off criticism of his government’s legitimacy following fraud-marred elections.”Is the United States a reliable partner with Afghanistan? Is the West a reliable partner with Afghanistan?” Karzai asked. “Have we received the commitments that we were given? Have we been treated like a partner?” Karzai said a partnership to him was “where the Afghan lives are respected, where Afghan property is respected, where the Afghan traditions are respected, where we know the direction we are moving to.”

    Troops achieve fresh gains in South Waziristan: According to Inter Services Public Relations, troops secured the important Tarkona Narai hill after a 16-hour gunbattle and made gains on the Jandola-Sararogha axis, securing important ridges. Twenty-three terrorists were killed as troops advanced deeper into the Taliban-controlled territory in South Waziristan and captured Gherlama, an important position north of Kotkai, the hometown of TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsud. [Ed. Note: News from this government source is sometimes inaccurate or overstated, no one knows independently what is happening in South Waziristan.]
    * * *
    Take Action Now:
    Call President Obama: To reach the U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121 Leave a message: No more Troops. End the War(s). Call Leon Panetta at (703) 482-0623, CIA headquarters, leave a message: Stop the South Waziristan War and don’t attack Quetta, End the War(s).

    Today, please tell your member of Congress and U.S. Senators to End the War in Afghanistan, sign this petition. If you live outside the United States, write to your leaders, End the War Now.

    Leon Panetta, you can stop the Drone attack of Quetta before it starts. Follow your heart.

    October 5, 2009

    Spreading the War over all of Central Asia, is that the U.S. policy?  Leon Panetta can stop this from happening, he should not allow Drone attacks in Quetta, Balochistan.  Leon, we know you as a person, a fine husband,father, brother, son and uncle, and grandfather(?).  You worked hard for the U.S. government all of your adult life.  As a staffer in the Civil Rights Office  in Nixon’ White House (where you resigned in disgust) to a Member of Congress from the Central Coast of California; to Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Clinton; to Chief of Staff to President Clinton; to the co-founder with your partner and wife Sylvia, the Panetta Foundation; and now, we don’t know you as Central Intelligence Agency Chief, the head of the CIA. 

    You are from an Italian family.  Your roots go back to tribes similar to those in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and most of Central Asia.  You can stop the death of innocents due to Drone attacks.  It is an inhuman weapon.  It is directed to fire on a home by “intelligence” that someone that you want dead is there.  But you don’t know for sure.  You order the Hellfire Missile to be fired, the President agrees, and more people are killed.   Please do not spread this to Quetta, the capitol of Balochistan.  It will mean the end to the current Pakistan Government, and will cause your supply lines to be cut off from Pakistan to Afghanistan.   A humanity and tactical error of great magnitude.  Leon, help End this War.  Come up with a strategy to accomplish what you want without putting so many millions of people in jeopardy and starvation.  Let the Pope be your guide.  Please, Leon, do what is right, you’ve been doing that All Your Life. Many of your liberal supporters on the Central Coast of California call upon you to lead us out of this trouble [Leon, this is John from 1976 writing this to you]. You can do it. Yes, you can. Reader, call Leon Panetta at (703) 482-0623, CIA headquarters, leave a message: Don’t attack Quetta, End the War(s).

    Why send Killer Drones to Quetta? On a hunch? On faulty intelligence? Are you told by Indian spies that Mullah Omar is there? The Prime Minister of Balochistan tells you what he knows, they are not in Quetta.

    Thanks to The Long War for posting this video.  As you surf the web, make sure to stop at the Long War for information not found elsewhere.  Bill Roggio and his staff do a great job and have in-depth knowledge of who is who in the battlegrounds. Support their great reporting.

    Quetta History: The following paragraph was taken from The City District Government Quetta website.Go visit the site. It is in English and very well done. See what we are about to destroy, chasing ghosts….Quetta district is ethnically diverse. A colourful culture can be seen in the district. The district is multilingual in the sense that there are five major ethnic groups, and each group has its own cultural values. They are Pashtoons, Balochs, Brahuis, Hazaras and Punjabis. Some other minor ethnic groups like Urdu speaking Mehajirs and Sindhis are also living in the city. The mode of living differs from group to group. In the urban area except Kachi Abadis, the way of living is somewhat modern especially among the wealthier people. In the rural area, the style of living is more traditional.

    Over 750,000 people, just like you and me and our families, our children, our aunts and uncles, our in-laws, our grandparents, our parents, our sisters and brothers are all about to be torn apart and some killed. The Swat Valley residents still have not fully returned, and over 2 Million were ‘displaced’ prior to the Military action there by Pakistan and our Drones. Over 125,000 have left the South Waziristan area all ready and are now ‘displaced’, in anticipation to the Pakistan Military shellings prior to the invasion planned there, and the American Drones coming and killing.
    * * *
    Action You can Take:

    Congress Should Vote “No” on 2010 Military Budget! To reach the U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121 Leave a message: Vote No on the Military budget. End the War(s). Reader, call Leon Panetta at (703) 482-0623, CIA headquarters, leave a message: Don’t attack Quetta, End the War(s).

    Today, please tell your member of Congress and U.S. Senators to End the War in Afghanistan, sign this petition. If you live outside the United States, write to your leaders, End the War Now.

    An Assault on North or South Waziristan will have Major Consequences for the Pakistan Government

    September 19, 2009

    North and South Waziristan (in Red, bottom left), source Election Commission of Pakistan

    North and South Waziristan (in Red, bottom left), source Election Commission of Pakistan

    North and South Waziristan, inhabit the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) (which IS NOT Federally Administered). These are Pastuns. Pakistan, since it was formed, has left this area alone, not pushing their government on them. They have co-existed, sometimes having battles, but these have been resolved in the past. If the Pakistan Military (and U.S. DRONES) begins to fight here, it will never end, the Pashtuns will seek revenge forever. There’s a tale of a 300 year old feud mentioned in their paper “No Sign until the Burst of Fire, understanding the Pakistan -Afghanistan Frontier”, Thomas Johnson and M. Chris Mason state “According to tradition, members of the Pashtun Hill Tribes who inhabit the FATA are descendents of Karlan, a foundling adopted as the fourth son of Qais Abdur Rashid, a contemporary of the Prophet Mohammed and the Ur-ancestor of the Pashtun ethnic group. The Hill Tribes, or Karlanri, include many of the warlike tribes, such as the afridis, Daurs, Jadrans, Ketrans, Mahuds, Mohmands, and Waziris. Of all the Pashtun tribes, the Qaziris or the greater Waziristan (a region that includes North Waziristan Agency, South Waziristan Agency, and the Bermol District of Afghanistan’s Paktika Province) are reputed to be the most conservative and iracible. The Waziris pride themselves of never having paid taxes to any sovereigh and never having their lands, which they consider veiled, or in purdah, conquered”

    [Ed. Note: This is a must-read paper by all who have anything to do with Afghanistan/Pakistan. I hope our State Dept., and Defense Dept., and all of the White House staff are made to read this paper. It spells out in great detail the history of Afghanistan/Pakistan and the Pashtun Area that was absorbed by both countries, one of the major causes of the problem of “the Border”, as it splits the area into two pieces]

    The DRONE attacks in North and South Waziristan have killed Pastun Tribal leaders, some are called “Taliban”. The tribes in these areas (over 350 separate tribes, according to Johnson/Mason) have many clans (or Khels), and some are so large there are sub-clans. The Pashtuns have a social code called “Pashtunwali”, which means “the way of the Pashtuns”. This social code has kept the Pashtun Tribes as a unit for over 1,000 years. The Pashtuns follow the code to maintain “Honor”. The Pashtuns settle their differences themselves, by following their codes. They wil accept no law but their own.

    These core tenants of the code include self-respect, independence, justice, hospitality, forgiveness, and tolarance. They can not be ruled by a Central Government in Pakistan, that is impossible. Same for the Pastuns on the Afghanistan part of the border. They go by the same code. Here’s a map of the Pashtun lands that were divided by the Durand Line in 1893. It just split up 40 Million Pastuns and “made” them Afghaistani or Pakistani.
    Map of "Pashtunistan" 2007

    The Pakistan Military’s action in SWAT Valley has proven what a tragic event that has become. Over 2 Million people left their homes. Lived in tents, or with others that took them in, for months, while their homelands were destroyed by cannon fire and bombs dropped from airplanes and helicopters. It is reported that only 1,000,000 have returned to their homelands. The infrastructure is broken, their homes and lands in some cases do not exist anymore. Attacking North and South Waziristan will only repeat this tragedy, this war crime. For What?

    UPDATE: US Ambassador Slams ‘Reluctant’ Pakistan for Lack of Support Pakistan, US Have Different Priorities Ambassador Anne Patterson is accusing the Pakistan Government of not taking on the fighters in North and South Waziristan, and the Pakistan Government is afraid that it would be “Unwinnable”.

    I leave you with this “Who they Are”and Please read their great analysis on the People of the Area, and history of the area: Thomas H. Johnson is Research Professor in the Dept. of National Security Affairs and Director of the Program for Culture and Conflict Studies at the Naval Postgraduate School. His most recent articles on Afghanistan have appeared in numerous journals, edited volumes, and other texts. M. Chris Mason is Senior Fellow at the Center for Advanced Defense Studies, He served as a political officer on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and is recently retired fro the U.S. Foreigh Service.
    * * *
    Sign the CODEPINK END THE AFGHANISTAN WAR: Join the call and sign here–we will deliver your message to Obama, Pelosi & Reid next week!

    PLEASE PASS THIS ON and: Write your Congress Member and your Senators right now at this link. It is easy to do. Please do it now. No more troops, no more money, End the War(s) Now.