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Oppose War Funding, Support Military Withdrawal Legislation; Call Your Congress Members Today (202) 224-3121: Vote No on $33 Billion to be spent Killing Afghanistan people

April 13, 2010

From Just Foreign Policy: Oppose War Funding, Support Military Withdrawal Legislation (Click Here).

    In the next several weeks, Congress is expected to be asked to approve $33 billion more for war in Afghanistan. The money will be used chiefly to pay for the current military escalation and the U.S. military’s offensive in the Afghan city of Kandahar planned for this summer. This week, Senator Feingold and Representative McGovern announced they are introducing legislation that would require the President to establish a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan.

    Recently, WikiLeaks made public a classified military video (right) depicting the U.S. military killing over a dozen individuals, including two Reuters employees. A second report claims that U.S. forces covered-up details surrounding the slaying of five Afghan civilians — including two pregnant women — during a night raid in February. Killing of innocents will stop only when the war stops.

    Will you write to your representatives, urging them to oppose more money for war and to support the Feingold-McGovern bill? Click here, email your Congress Member.

Please call your Congress Members and tell them to VOTE NO on the $33 Billion War funding to kill more people in Afghanistan, the phone number is (202) 224-3121.

Innocent Civilians Leaving Their Homes in Malakand prior to U.S. backed Pakistani Military Attack

Today, this call to action is from Voters for Peace and we are reprinting it here as this is what YOU need to do Today Please:

This Story will be Posted through April 19. Send your friends to this link so they may begin making calls also. Thank you.

    Voters for Peace is joining with 20 other anti-war organizations in making this week a call-in week on Afghanistan.

    Congress has returned from recess and a war supplemental is on their agenda. They need to hear from constituents.

    When you call you should ask there be no more war funding for Afghanistan, that a date be set an end date to U.S. occupation and that real peace negotiations begin.

    A second call-in week will be scheduled when there is better intelligence on the timing of the war supplemental vote and possible amendments but it is important to lay the groundwork now. We expect the vote will happen before Friday, May 28, the start of the Congressional Memorial Day recess.

    Please call both your Senators and your House Member. The Congressional hotline number is: (202) 224-3121. They will connect you to your representatives. Thank you, Kevin Zeese,Executive Director
    Voters for Peace

From Just Foreign Policy: Track your calls, report it here.
Call Congress Against the War in Afghanistan. Urge your Representative to: oppose the war supplemental, support a military withdrawal timetable, and support peace negotiations. The Congressional switchboard is 202-224-3121. When you’ve completed your call, you can report the result by CLICKING HERE.


Councilors approve anti-war resolution: Get your City Council to do the Same, Read it here

April 10, 2010

Portland Maine is the latest City Council to ask for the End of the War Funding. Recently named the #1 place in the country to raise children-and named in the top ten “perfect places to live in America”- After you read this article, get your City Council to vote on a similar resolution. Let’s start a cry to bring our troops home and to get our dollars to go to work here in America for the betterment of all the citizens of the world. Read this and PLEASE TAKE ACTION.

    City councilors have approved a resolution calling on Maine’s U.S. Congressional delegation to oppose new funding for military campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Story by Casey Conley, read it all here.

Portland, Maine City Council says VOTE NO on $33 Billion more for Afghanistan

Get your City Council/Board of Supervisors/or other city bodies to Pass a Resolution asking their Congressional Delegation to VOTE NO on the 33 BILLION MORE DOLLARS FOR WAR IN AFGHANISTAN.

Here are some cities with Peace Resolutions. If you live in one of them, get them to pass a new resolution “NO MORE WAR FUNDING, VOTE NO on the 33 BILLION MORE DOLLARS FOR WAR IN AFGHANISTAN. We can stop this, it is up to YOU and ME.

How much have we spent on the war in Afghanistan since the beginning EIGHT YEARS AGO? $200 BILLION. How big is the total U.S. individual State deficits this year? $126 BILLION. We are cutting schools, teachers, firefighters, infrastructure is being neglected, but we are trying to “rebuild Afghanistan”, for what? OIL AND ITS PIPELINES.

$200 Billion War in Afghanistan, a $196 Billion State Shortfall, a coincidence?

    From NY Times Editorial “President Obama in Kabul” Mr. Obama made the right decision to send another 30,000 troops to help drive the Taliban out of important strongholds. But there is no way to hold those cities and towns without an effective Afghan government (at both the federal and local level) to take over. And after eight years of fighting, more than 1,000 American lives lost and more than $200 billion from American taxpayers spent, Mr. Karzai’s failure to build a credible, honest and even minimally effective government remains the Taliban’s No. 1 recruiting tool.


Your State Government is Broke: War Funding is Why

September 1, 2009

The Cost of War is a hard figure to come by. Some say the U.S. will spend 100 MILLION in Iraq and 100 MILLION in Afghanistan today September 1, 2009. Some say much more when you figure the care of the wounded and mentally disabled soldiers returning from the battlefields.

Please take the time to Go Here: Cost of War
You can put in your state and see how much it has cost your state since 2001 to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. You can even put in your CITY and see how much it cost your city to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Give it a try. This is why the libraries are being shut one day a week, and some City Halls are being shut one day a week, and other state agencies, like the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, etc.

This week, we will hear the call for more troops for Afghanistan. We will be told we must defeat the Terrorists there so they don’t come here (heard that one before?).

There is no WINNING through our presence there. We, the U.S. government and our states and cities and our people are all going broke supporting the EMPIRE. Bring home our troops home NOW, no more funding. Send an email to your Congress Member or Senators from this link PLEASE.