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ACLU files lawsuit against U.S. Use of Drones, and What Countries have Armed Drones?

July 22, 2013

This blog has been posting information on the U.S. use of Drones for many years. See past articles under “Drones”.

Grim-Reaper with 4 Hellfire Missiles, 2 sidewinder air to air missiles, and 2 GBU 12 Paveway Laser guided bombs

Grim-Reaper with 4 Hellfire Missiles, 2 sidewinder air to air missiles, and 2 GBU 12 Paveway Laser guided bombs

From The Guardian:

The director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s national security project talks about why the Obama administration’s drone assassinations are not just illegal in many cases, but are becoming increasingly risky for the US itself. She states that what the U.S. has been using as the grounds for its use of Drone attacks on persons on the “Kill List” will be used by other countries as the basis for them using Drones for their “Kill Lists”. If the U.S. believes it has the right, so will other countries. Then What? READ AND VIEW THE VIDEO HERE.

And from “The International Business Times, here’s an interactive list of countries with Drones, and also a list of which of those countries have “Armed Drones” READ AND VIEW THE COUNTRIES HERE.

We have let the cat out of the bag. What will the future look like? And sucking up all human correspondence in all countries, the U.S. is turning into a “watch all citizens and track them” state. Change we can believe in, yes Mr. President?


Leon Panetta, you can stop the Drone attack of Quetta before it starts. Follow your heart.

October 5, 2009

Spreading the War over all of Central Asia, is that the U.S. policy?  Leon Panetta can stop this from happening, he should not allow Drone attacks in Quetta, Balochistan.  Leon, we know you as a person, a fine husband,father, brother, son and uncle, and grandfather(?).  You worked hard for the U.S. government all of your adult life.  As a staffer in the Civil Rights Office  in Nixon’ White House (where you resigned in disgust) to a Member of Congress from the Central Coast of California; to Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Clinton; to Chief of Staff to President Clinton; to the co-founder with your partner and wife Sylvia, the Panetta Foundation; and now, we don’t know you as Central Intelligence Agency Chief, the head of the CIA. 

You are from an Italian family.  Your roots go back to tribes similar to those in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and most of Central Asia.  You can stop the death of innocents due to Drone attacks.  It is an inhuman weapon.  It is directed to fire on a home by “intelligence” that someone that you want dead is there.  But you don’t know for sure.  You order the Hellfire Missile to be fired, the President agrees, and more people are killed.   Please do not spread this to Quetta, the capitol of Balochistan.  It will mean the end to the current Pakistan Government, and will cause your supply lines to be cut off from Pakistan to Afghanistan.   A humanity and tactical error of great magnitude.  Leon, help End this War.  Come up with a strategy to accomplish what you want without putting so many millions of people in jeopardy and starvation.  Let the Pope be your guide.  Please, Leon, do what is right, you’ve been doing that All Your Life. Many of your liberal supporters on the Central Coast of California call upon you to lead us out of this trouble [Leon, this is John from 1976 writing this to you]. You can do it. Yes, you can. Reader, call Leon Panetta at (703) 482-0623, CIA headquarters, leave a message: Don’t attack Quetta, End the War(s).

Why send Killer Drones to Quetta? On a hunch? On faulty intelligence? Are you told by Indian spies that Mullah Omar is there? The Prime Minister of Balochistan tells you what he knows, they are not in Quetta.

Thanks to The Long War for posting this video.  As you surf the web, make sure to stop at the Long War for information not found elsewhere.  Bill Roggio and his staff do a great job and have in-depth knowledge of who is who in the battlegrounds. Support their great reporting.

Quetta History: The following paragraph was taken from The City District Government Quetta website.Go visit the site. It is in English and very well done. See what we are about to destroy, chasing ghosts….Quetta district is ethnically diverse. A colourful culture can be seen in the district. The district is multilingual in the sense that there are five major ethnic groups, and each group has its own cultural values. They are Pashtoons, Balochs, Brahuis, Hazaras and Punjabis. Some other minor ethnic groups like Urdu speaking Mehajirs and Sindhis are also living in the city. The mode of living differs from group to group. In the urban area except Kachi Abadis, the way of living is somewhat modern especially among the wealthier people. In the rural area, the style of living is more traditional.

Over 750,000 people, just like you and me and our families, our children, our aunts and uncles, our in-laws, our grandparents, our parents, our sisters and brothers are all about to be torn apart and some killed. The Swat Valley residents still have not fully returned, and over 2 Million were ‘displaced’ prior to the Military action there by Pakistan and our Drones. Over 125,000 have left the South Waziristan area all ready and are now ‘displaced’, in anticipation to the Pakistan Military shellings prior to the invasion planned there, and the American Drones coming and killing.
* * *
Action You can Take:

Congress Should Vote “No” on 2010 Military Budget! To reach the U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121 Leave a message: Vote No on the Military budget. End the War(s). Reader, call Leon Panetta at (703) 482-0623, CIA headquarters, leave a message: Don’t attack Quetta, End the War(s).

Today, please tell your member of Congress and U.S. Senators to End the War in Afghanistan, sign this petition. If you live outside the United States, write to your leaders, End the War Now.

An Assault on North or South Waziristan will have Major Consequences for the Pakistan Government

September 19, 2009

North and South Waziristan (in Red, bottom left), source Election Commission of Pakistan

North and South Waziristan (in Red, bottom left), source Election Commission of Pakistan

North and South Waziristan, inhabit the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) (which IS NOT Federally Administered). These are Pastuns. Pakistan, since it was formed, has left this area alone, not pushing their government on them. They have co-existed, sometimes having battles, but these have been resolved in the past. If the Pakistan Military (and U.S. DRONES) begins to fight here, it will never end, the Pashtuns will seek revenge forever. There’s a tale of a 300 year old feud mentioned in their paper “No Sign until the Burst of Fire, understanding the Pakistan -Afghanistan Frontier”, Thomas Johnson and M. Chris Mason state “According to tradition, members of the Pashtun Hill Tribes who inhabit the FATA are descendents of Karlan, a foundling adopted as the fourth son of Qais Abdur Rashid, a contemporary of the Prophet Mohammed and the Ur-ancestor of the Pashtun ethnic group. The Hill Tribes, or Karlanri, include many of the warlike tribes, such as the afridis, Daurs, Jadrans, Ketrans, Mahuds, Mohmands, and Waziris. Of all the Pashtun tribes, the Qaziris or the greater Waziristan (a region that includes North Waziristan Agency, South Waziristan Agency, and the Bermol District of Afghanistan’s Paktika Province) are reputed to be the most conservative and iracible. The Waziris pride themselves of never having paid taxes to any sovereigh and never having their lands, which they consider veiled, or in purdah, conquered”

[Ed. Note: This is a must-read paper by all who have anything to do with Afghanistan/Pakistan. I hope our State Dept., and Defense Dept., and all of the White House staff are made to read this paper. It spells out in great detail the history of Afghanistan/Pakistan and the Pashtun Area that was absorbed by both countries, one of the major causes of the problem of “the Border”, as it splits the area into two pieces]

The DRONE attacks in North and South Waziristan have killed Pastun Tribal leaders, some are called “Taliban”. The tribes in these areas (over 350 separate tribes, according to Johnson/Mason) have many clans (or Khels), and some are so large there are sub-clans. The Pashtuns have a social code called “Pashtunwali”, which means “the way of the Pashtuns”. This social code has kept the Pashtun Tribes as a unit for over 1,000 years. The Pashtuns follow the code to maintain “Honor”. The Pashtuns settle their differences themselves, by following their codes. They wil accept no law but their own.

These core tenants of the code include self-respect, independence, justice, hospitality, forgiveness, and tolarance. They can not be ruled by a Central Government in Pakistan, that is impossible. Same for the Pastuns on the Afghanistan part of the border. They go by the same code. Here’s a map of the Pashtun lands that were divided by the Durand Line in 1893. It just split up 40 Million Pastuns and “made” them Afghaistani or Pakistani.
Map of "Pashtunistan" 2007

The Pakistan Military’s action in SWAT Valley has proven what a tragic event that has become. Over 2 Million people left their homes. Lived in tents, or with others that took them in, for months, while their homelands were destroyed by cannon fire and bombs dropped from airplanes and helicopters. It is reported that only 1,000,000 have returned to their homelands. The infrastructure is broken, their homes and lands in some cases do not exist anymore. Attacking North and South Waziristan will only repeat this tragedy, this war crime. For What?

UPDATE: US Ambassador Slams ‘Reluctant’ Pakistan for Lack of Support Pakistan, US Have Different Priorities Ambassador Anne Patterson is accusing the Pakistan Government of not taking on the fighters in North and South Waziristan, and the Pakistan Government is afraid that it would be “Unwinnable”.

I leave you with this “Who they Are”and Please read their great analysis on the People of the Area, and history of the area: Thomas H. Johnson is Research Professor in the Dept. of National Security Affairs and Director of the Program for Culture and Conflict Studies at the Naval Postgraduate School. His most recent articles on Afghanistan have appeared in numerous journals, edited volumes, and other texts. M. Chris Mason is Senior Fellow at the Center for Advanced Defense Studies, He served as a political officer on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and is recently retired fro the U.S. Foreigh Service.
* * *
Sign the CODEPINK END THE AFGHANISTAN WAR: Join the call and sign here–we will deliver your message to Obama, Pelosi & Reid next week!

PLEASE PASS THIS ON and: Write your Congress Member and your Senators right now at this link. It is easy to do. Please do it now. No more troops, no more money, End the War(s) Now.

Drones from Other Countries: We are not Alone

August 8, 2009

The United States is not the only country with Drones.  The above video shows some experimental Drones, and some in use.  Is this what we have become?  The cat is out of the bag now.  Drones will be more dangerous than Nuclear Missiles because their use is not questioned.
UPDATE: Gallup Pakistani Poll:A massive 67 per cent say they oppose US military operations on Pakistani soil.

Below is an Iranian Drone flying over a U.S. Aircraft Carrier in the Persian Gulf.  If it were armed with missiles, the Aircraft Carrier would be in extreme jeopardy.

And a final one for today, the most disturbing one.  A family is wiped out by a Drone attack, documented here.  It is not easy to watch.  Many people were Terrrorized on both sides, and many civilians died needlessly.