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(UPDATE, WASH POST REPORTS) Mass Assassinations Lie at the Heart of America’s Military Strategy in the Muslim World

September 17, 2010

UPDATE: U.S. covert paramilitary presence in Afghanistan much larger than thought Written by By Craig Whitlock and Greg Miller,Washington Post Staff Writers,Wednesday, September 22, 2010. Our story below outlines the further extent of the use of paramilitary forces to assassinate “terrorists, insurgents, and others that are against U.S. policies”. This is not new news, but it is new to our Media. Where’s the reporting? It’s time to stop printing government press releases and begin “reporting” again. Read on:

The following interview of Ex-CIA Operative, Duane Clarridge “Defends the Empire”, Oct. 16, 2008. If it is in our National Security Interest, we can eliminate the threat anytime we wish, do you belive that? This video was taken from the article below the video. View this:

Mass Assassinations Lie at the Heart of America’s Military Strategy in the Muslim World
By Fred Branfman, AlterNet
Posted on August 24, 2010, Printed on September 15, 2010
Read the full story here, click this link.

“[General McChrystal says that] for every innocent person you kill, you create 10 new enemies.” — “The Runaway General,” Rolling Stone, 6/22/10

The truth that many Americans find hard to take is that that mass U.S. assassination on a scale unequaled in world history lies at the heart of America’s military strategy in the Muslim world, a policy both illegal and never seriously debated by Congress or the American people. Conducting assassination operations throughout the 1.3 billon-strong Muslim world will inevitably increase the murder of civilians and thus create exponentially more “enemies,” as Gen. McChrystal suggests — posing a major long-term threat to U.S. national security. This mass assassination program, sold as defending Americans, is actually endangering us all. Those responsible for it, primarily General Petraeus, are recklessly seeking short-term tactical advantage while making an enormous long-term strategic error that could lead to countless American deaths in the years and decades to come. General Petraeus must be replaced, and the U.S. military’s policy of direct and mass assassination of Muslims ended.

The U.S. has conducted assassination programs in the Third World for decades, but the actual killing — though directed and financed by the C.I.A. — has been largely left to local paramilitary and police forces. This has now has changed dramatically.

What is unprecedented today is the vast number of Americans directly assassinating Muslims — through greatly expanded U.S. military Special Operations teams, U.S. drone strikes and private espionage networks run by former CIA assassins and torturers. Most significant is the expanding geographic scope of their killing. While CENTCOM Commander from October 2008 until July 2010, General Petraeus received secret and unprecedented permission to unilaterally engage in operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran, former Russian Republics, Yemen, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, the Horn of Africa, and wherever else he deems necessary.

Never before has a nation unleashed so many assassins in so many foreign nations around the world (9,000 Special Operations soldiers are based in Iraq and Afghanistan alone) as well as implemented a policy that can be best described as unprecedented, remote-control, large-scale “mechanized assassination.” As the N.Y. Times noted in December 2009: “For the first time in history, a civilian intelligence agency is using robots to carry out a military mission, selecting people for killing in a country where the United States is not officially at war.”

This combination of human and technological murder amounts to a worldwide “Assassination Inc.” that is unique in human affairs.

The increasing shift to direct U.S. assassination began on Petraeus’s watch in Iraq,where targeted assassination was considered by many within the military to be more important than the “surge.” The killing of Al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was considered a major triumph that significantly reduced the level of violence. As Bob Woodward reported in The War Within: A Secret White House History 2006-2008:

“Beginning in about May 2006, the U.S. military and the U.S. intelligence agencies launched a series of top secret operations that enabled them to locate, target and kill key individuals in extremist groups. A number of authoritative sources say these covert activities had a far-reaching effect on the violence and were very possibly the biggest factor in reducing it. Lieutenant General Stanley McChrystal, the commander of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) responsible for hunting al Qaeda in Iraq, (conducted) lightning-quick and sometimes concurrent operations When I later asked the president (Bush) about this, he offered a simple answer: ‘JSOC is awesome.'” [Emphasis added.]

Woodward’s finding that many “authoritative sources” believed assassination more important than the surge is buttressed by Petraeus’ appointment of McChrystal to lead U.S. forces in Afghanistan. McChrystal’s major qualification for the post was clearly his perceived expertise in assassination while heading JSOC from 2003-’08 (where he also conducted extensive torture at “Camp Nama” at Baghdad International Airport, successfully excluding even the Red Cross).

Another key reason for the increased reliance on assassination is that Petraeus’ announced counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan obviously cannot work. It is absurd to believe that the corrupt warlords and cronies who make up the “Afghan government” can be transformed into the viable entity upon which his strategy publicly claims to depend — particularly within the next year which President Obama has set as a deadline before beginning to withdraw U.S. troops. Petraeus is instead largely relying on mass assassination to try and eliminate the Taliban, both within Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The centrality of assassination to U.S. war plans is revealed by the fact that it was at the heart of the Obama review of Afghan policy last fall. The dovish Biden position called for relying primarily on assassination, while the hawkish McChrystal stance embraced both assassination and more troops. No other options were seriously considered.

A third factor behind the shift to mass assassination is that Petraeus and the U.S. military are also determined to attack jihadi forces in nations where the U.S. is not at war, and which are not prepared to openly invite in U.S. forces. As the N.Y. Times reported on May 24, “General Petraeus (has argued) that troops need to operate beyond Iraq and Afghanistan to better fight militant groups.”

The most significant aspect of this new and expanded assassination policy is President Obama’s authorizing clandestine U.S. military personnel to conduct it. The N.Y. Times has also reported:

In roughly a dozen countries — from the deserts of North Africa, to the mountains of Pakistan, to former Soviet republics crippled by ethnic and religious strife — the United States has significantly increased military and intelligence operations, pursuing the enemy using robotic drones and commando teams, paying contractors to spy and training local operatives to chase terrorists (Military) Special Operations troops under secret “Execute Orders” have conducted spying missions that were once the preserve of civilian intelligence agencies.

Read the rest of the story here, click this link.

Fred Branfman, the editor of “Voices From the Plain of Jars: Life Under an Air War” (Harper & Row, 1972), exposed the U.S. secret air war while living in Laos from 1967 to 1971.

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Pakistan President Zardari says “Coalition losing Afghan war”; 43% Americans feel US made mistake by sending troops to Afghan; Enough Dying, End the Wars NOW

August 3, 2010

Enough Death on All Sides: End the War NOW

PARIS: Coalition forces “are losing the war against the Taliban” in Afghanistan, Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari said in an interview published in France on Tuesday. “The international community, to which Pakistan belongs, is losing the war against the Taliban. This is above all because we have lost the battle to win hearts and minds,” he said, in comments published in French by Le Monde. Read the whole story here.

* * *

WASHINGTON: After Wikileaks released the leaked classified documents on the Afghan war, 43 per cent of Americans now feel that the US made a mistake by sending troops to the war-torn country, according to a latest poll. This is slightly up from just before the release of the leaked documents last week, which was 38 per cent, Gallup said in its latest poll.

“While Americans are still more likely to support than oppose the war, the percentage who say it was a mistake to get involved is at a new high,” Gallup said in a statement. Read the whole story here.

Enough Dying on all Sides, End the Wars NOW

Inside the NeoCon takeover of the Pentagon, Lt. Col. Karen Kwaitkowski (Ret) laid it all out, Reasons for a Premptive War were fabricated; No More War Funding, take action here

May 25, 2010

In Rumsfeld’s Shop A senior Air Force officer watches as the neocons consolidate their Pentagon coup. By Karen Kwaitkowski Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski recently retired from the U.S. Air Force. Her final posting was as an analyst at the Pentagon. Below is the first of three installments describing her experience there. They provide a unique view of the Department of Defense during a period of intense ideological upheaval, as the United States prepared to launch—for the first time in its history—a “preventive” war.

Part of this Post was taken from the December 01, 2003 Issue of The American Conservative. Karen Kwaitkowski had a “front row seat” to the Neo-con takeover of the Defense Department of the United States Government. Their “wars” are continuing. It’s time to End the War’s.

YOUR ACTION NOW: Email: Urge your Members of Congress to support the Feingold-McGovern-Jones Bill, click here.

Call: 1-888-543-5234 (toll-free number established by FCNL) connects you with the Capitol Switchboard.

Here is Karen in 2007 at the Future of Freedom Foundation’s gathering. It is a timely as if it were presented today.

Part One

Part Two
Part Three

Part Four

Karen Kwiatkowski retired from the USAF in 2003 as a Lieutenant Colonel. She currently teaches college courses in American Government, and is currently employed as a high school biology and Earth Science teacher in western Virginia. She has an MA in Government from Harvard University, MS in Science Management from the University of Alaska, and has completed both Air Command and Staff College and the Naval War College seminar programs.

* * *
The US Government was taken over by the Neo-con’s. Let’s End their War NOW.

YOUR ACTION NOW: Email: Urge your Members of Congress to support the Feingold-McGovern-Jones Bill, click here.

Call: 1-888-543-5234 (toll-free number established by FCNL) connects you with the Capitol Switchboard.

Book reveals some Soldier’s feelings; Mitchell trying for “Peace”; Commando attack in Somalia and Elsewhere

September 16, 2009

Rules of Disengagement” explains how the military’s own regulations can be used to protect dissent, achieve CO status or obtain other discharges, fight racism and stop sexual assault and sexual harassment in the military.

Kathleen Gilberd, Co-Chair National Lawyers Guild, photo curtesy of Gilberd

Kathleen Gilberd, Co-Chair National Lawyers Guild, photo curtesy of Gilberd

Marjorie Cohn, President, and Kathleen Gilberd, co-chair of the National Lawyers Guild wrote a book entitled “Rules of Disengagement: The Politics and Honor of Military Dissent.” Excerpt below, read the full story here at For 8 years, our soldiers have served two, three, four, and even five redeployments into Iraq or Afghanistan or sometimes to both places at different times. They and their families have suffered and sacrificed way beyond the call of duty. Now more troops for Afghanistan? Send an email to your Congress Member and U.S. Senator at the end of this post.

IPS: What are the main reasons for dissent?

MC & KG: “Rules of Disengagement” details many of these reasons. Growing numbers of service members see the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as illegal and immoral. They witness, and are sometimes forced to participate in, brutal actions not only against combatants, but also against civilians and prisoners.

Racism and objectification of the non-white enemy as “haji” or “raghead” are used by commands to motivate soldiers to fight. But despite desensitising military training, many find these impossible to bear.

At the same time, the military’s mistreatment of ill or injured soldiers, women, people of colour, and people perceived to be lesbian or gay is an outrage to many soldiers, who were promised that the military would take care of its own.

The failure of military medical care, in particular, is a national scandal. Post-traumatic stress disorder and suicides within the military have reached epidemic proportions. Ill and injured soldiers are denied access to medical care, or misdiagnosed and underdiagnosed in an overburdened system pressured to return troops to duty and to combat.
* * *
We, at Out of Central Asia are following the “Peace” talks in the Mid-East, as this is one of the major causes for “terrorist” activities elsewhere, the treatment of the Palestinians and the U.S. involvement and the support of Israel.

Al Jazeera today reports the following: The contiued construction of Jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian land, already home to half a million Israelis, is one of the major obstacles in reaching a peace deal with Palestinians. Read more here

U.S. Envoy, Senator Mitchell on the West Bank, AFT photo

U.S. Envoy, Senator Mitchell on the West Bank, AFT photo

More from Al Jazeera: George Mitchell, the US envoy for the Middle East, has urged Israelis and Palestinians to show “responsibility for peace” and reach an agreement on illegal Israeli settlement construction on occupied Palestinian land.

Mitchell called for “action in order to create an encouraging context for the prompt resumption and early conclusion of negotiations,” after talks with Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, in the West Bank city of Ramallah on Tuesday.

Following the talks, Saeb Erekat, the Palestinian chief negotiator, said that “we are doing everything we can to show our responsibilities, hoping Israel will show its responsibilities” and halt settlement activity.
* * *
Yesterday, the U.S. sent in a team to find and kill Shakyh Saleh Nabhan in Somalia.
They were successful. The Long War Reports:Commando raid in Somalia is latest in covert operations across the globe.
At NEFA Foundation read the story:
“Shebaab al-Mujahideen Media Wing: Video Statement from the
Commander Shakyh Saleh Nabhan (a.k.a. ‘Abu Yousef’).”
Released August 30, 2008. Watch the Video here.