Our Daughters, Sons, Nephews, Nieces: NO MORE

Ed. Note: Since we are not shown any real footage from the war zones on Television, it is important to remember what is happening on the ground there. People on all sides are dying. Fighters, Soldiers, Terrorists, Citizens.

These scenes you are about to watch should stop taking place IMMEDIATELY. It is important that you write to your CongressMember and Senators NOW. One more fallen soldier is TOO MANY. We thank them and their families for the Ultimate Sacrifice, but let us not have any more.


A special thanks to Prezjackie for posting this video in 2006. She has more to see at You Tube. Thank you again Jackie.


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2 Responses to “Our Daughters, Sons, Nephews, Nieces: NO MORE”

  1. Patricia Says:

    I remember seeing the results of war during the Viet Nam war. This helped us understand what was happening in our name. Obama pledged open government but will not show us what we are doing. If he did there might be riots like in the 60’s and the war would be stopped. Instead we are kept in the dark. That is not open government. Thank you for letting us see the truth!!

  2. I'm a Linda too Says:

    heartwrenching video.

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